Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fluxient 1xU2 Single 1000 Lumens Bicycle Light

BikelightsUK is happy to be the first in the UK to bring the NEW Fluxient 1xU2 single to the Market. From £59.49 you can not get a better bicycle light for your money below is a brief description on Fluxients New Light. Or visit our website page to order and be the first to get it! Fluxient 1xU2 single XML


Fluxient 1xU2 Single XML cree 1000 Lumens Bike Light are happy to be the first in the UK to bring fluxients latest light to the market. Fluxient have developed this light to go along side the very popular amazingly bright 3xU2. This light can be mounted to handlebars or the free helmet mount provided with a maximum output for this tiny light of 1000 Lumens! This is the smallest light of our range weighing just over 100 grams and we are amazed by how much power you can actually get from it. The Light unit has 4 settings 100%/50%/20% and SOS flash. This versatile bike light can be used for whatever purpose whether it be a main handle bar light for trails/commute or a helmet spot light to accompany a more powerful handle bar light like its big brother the Fluxient 3xU2 3000 lumens.

The fluxient 1xu2 Single uses the trusted O-ring mounting system so it can easily be transferred between bikes and mounting positions. With its clicky button at the back still making it easy to flick through the different output settings. Fluxient have also brought a new battery pack out to accompany this fantastic light. As you can see in the picture it is small in size and has a waterproof IP65 casing around it to protect it from our not so great winters. The new 4400 mAh battery pack give the U2 single a run time of 3.3 hours on full power, 6.6 hours on 50% and an incredible 15 hours on 20% bright mode.

Once again we are that confident with the build of these lights that we are offering 2 years full warranty on all items in the package. If you have any questions regarding this light please get in touch.

What’s included in the box?

-       Fluxient 1xU2 Single Light Unit
-       4400 mAh waterproof battery pack
-       UK mains charger
-       2 O-rings
-       1m extension cable
-       helmet mount

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vintage bike lights

People who have a classy and vintage taste like to have everything that they possess have that touch too. From dressing and accessories and from home interiors to their most serious belongings can be seen with a vintage touch. Still some other people like to have that vintage touch in few of the items that they have. Vintage bicycles are one such possession. They are as classier as are the vintage cars as they are a great reminder of a biking fashion which even today is in passion of many bike riding lovers.

To compliment the vintage bikes the vintage bike lights are prefect bicycle accessories. Some can be seen as a launch by some bike lights manufacturer whereas some are customized by the bikers themselves. There is a huge fan following of the vintage bike lights lovers and they make it sure that their vintage bike lights have that sophisticated look in their every aspect. The bulbs of such lights are given the shape of the old time. Even the lenses are made bit convex in shape which you do not see in the modern bike lights. The exterior body is made in a silver or gold look which can be given by using simple materials. These vintage bike lights are generally seen attached firmly to the bikes but even the mounting mechanisms work well when customized to their shape. All in all, vintage bike lights are a good and nostalgic section of the bike lights that are still in demand and use. To have a look at the best bike lights you can go to and view top bike light brands.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

900 Lumen Bike Light

The 900 lumen bike light is a good selection for nighttime bike riding. It is a kind of level that suits even the mountain biking. Most of the bike lights that come in this output category are compact in size and can be mounted with much of the ease. Though if you want to have a bike light that has more output then just 900 lumens then it is entirely your choice. Bike Light manufacturers like the Magicshine create different bike lights in this category. Other good companies that focus on this market also have offerings in the class of 900 lumen bike light.

Though the output might be the same in most of the 900 lumen bike lights but you will notice that the kind of beam they have will differ. While some will focus on the entire road, some other will give you an eagle eye’s vision and still some other will give you diffused vision. The kind of beam intensity that suits your style of riding can be preferred.

The next thing that comes into the consideration when you are selecting a 900 lumen bike light is the affordability. You will find bike lights varying marginally and the decision of buying must always be guided by taking two factors into account. The first one is of course the budget you can allow for the purchase and the second one is the trustworthiness of the bike light. If you wish to buy a 900 lumen bike light then you can look for the reviews online.