Thursday, August 22, 2013

Analyzing Magicshine MJ-818 Rear Light

Amid the great magicshine line of bike accessories from Bike Lights UK, some of the superior bike lights that we have seen include the magicshine MJ-872 1600, magicshine MJ-808, Magicshine MJ-868, and magicshine MJ-818.
Unquestionably, Magicshine bicycle lights are the finest bicycle light in the market and the entire collection is worth recognition. Yet, our outright personal favorite in the magicshine collection is the Magicshine MJ-818 rear bike light, which offers impressive 85 lumen output (just for your insight, it is almost close to what an average beam of car headlight can emit).

The Magicshine MJ-818 rear bike lights is out there to set a new standard in bike safety with an impressive 85 lumen output of deceptively powerful beam of light. The beam of light emitted by the Magicshine MJ-818 rear light is magnified by an optical reflector, which makes certain that the light is irradiated almost 100 meters behind the rider.

The Magicshine MJ-818 light is pretty easy to mount and setup to any bike. The light can be mounted onto the bike in under a minute using the tried and tested (most preferred) tested 'O' ring system. To add more to the rear light’s ability, the manufacturers are stocking Open-Light Systems batteries into the light to add quality, more safety and refine the run time of the already great bike light.

The MJ-818 rear bike light isn’t simply an ordinary bike light with all the extra ordinary feature, it is pretty chic too. The rear bike light can operate in two modes – in constant mode or flashing mode, with switched one of two. The light modes can be operated simply by turning the magnetic ring on the light head unit. 

As easy it is to mount the light, equally easy is it to dismount the light. The biker can take off the light at any time to avoid theft to damage of any kind. Just like the other magicshine lights, the Magicshine MJ-818 rear light also uses a Y cable adapter which allows the biker to power the MJ-808 front bike light and the MJ-818 rear bike light using the same battery.

Inside the box
According to Bike Lights UK, the Magicshine MJ-818 rear bike light comes packed with a battery lead and a pair of 'O' rings that allow the light to be fixed to the bike's seat post. The 8.4V Battery and cover are provided along with a battery charger which is fitted with UK mains plug.
When it comes to buying rear bike lights, you may have a few choices out there. But we assure that all our Magicshine MJ-818 rear bike light treads that extra mile to make certain that no matter what you are provided with enough light so that you are visible to motorists behind. What we’ve mentioned above are but few among the many features this wonderful rear bike light has. It’s not without a reason that Magicshine rear and front bike lights are counted among the best in the world by professional bikers as well as amateurs.

Friday, August 2, 2013

See & Be Seen - Get the Right Bike Lights

Almost 70% of the bicycle or vehicle accidents and collisions take place during the dark/overcast conditions or night hours, as per the statistical reports available. The figure is amusing for the reason that a very small percentage of bikers usually hit the road during these hours. But those who do are at a very high risk of meeting minor or major accidents.
The prime reason that accounts for all these accidents during the late night hours is limited visibility (for cyclist as well as motorists on the road). During winter months, when daylight hours are much shorter, bikers find themselves confronting this problem all the more. In absence of high powered bike lights among many other bicycle accessories in UK, the probability of hitting the incoming vehicle increases exponentially, even leading to death of bicycle enthusiasts.
So, we will share some tips that can assist you in achieving maximum bike light power/visibility at a reasonable cost.
1. Handlebar Mounted Headlight
While riding in the dark or overcast conditions you should definitely have a handlebar mounted headlight. Front light installed on your handlebar can make you more visible to the approaching vehicle on the road. But, you should make sure that the battery life of the light is long and it doesn’t get lost in the glare of beam lights of the vehicles on the road. A flashlight installed on the handle bar is a wonderful option for its increased reach on the pathway and bulk of the batteries nowadays are powered from the continuous motion of the bike. Other than the usual options, halogen and LED bulbs are good alternatives too. But, you should carefully examine the run time of the light batteries before installing them.
2. Helmet mounted light
As the head of the biker sets up higher than the rest of bike, a light mounted on helmet comes handy in staying visible, especially during rush hours. Also, light mounted on helmet points in the direction of biker’s motion and therefore, it is effective in attracting attention of approaching vehicles.
3. Blinking red light
A white light on the front and blinking red light on the rear is what the rules of driving teach. While cycling in the dark, the biker can easily catch the attention of the vehicles behind him with a blinking red light or bicycle rear light. The tail light can be installed as per your convenience but it must have long run time.
4. Rear light on helmet
Similar in function to rear bicycle lights, red lights on helmets can be mounted easily. These lights can even be clipped on the back of color or bag pack.
5. Bright Jacket or Vest
The best a biker can do is to wear a bright colored jacket or vest in order to be visible on the road especially in high traffic areas during the night. A reflective jacket will help motorists and even pedestrians on roads notice you with great ease. You can wear a reflective strap around your ankle or calf in case you do not have a bright jacket or vest.