Friday, November 30, 2012

Bike Light Packages by Magicshine

For serious riders as well as the newbies, who’d like their bikes fixed with proper light accessories can now purchase complete light packages by Magicshine.
Having a complete package means you can enjoy a safer ride. Besides having the lights, these packages also have extension cables, mounting accessories for the handles and helmets. They also contain spare batteries, O rings, Velcro straps, chargers and replacement glass lenses, splitter cables etc. which allow the rider to have a tension free ride.
There is always provision for dealing with any emergencies that may arise. The bikes can be well equipped for any weather, especially to deal with conditions like fog and mist, apart from the usual visibility functions at night.
Magicshine offers two main light packages, these are as follows:

Fluxient 3xU2 cree LED 3000 Lumen Light Unit + Fluxient 1xU2 Single XML cree 1000 Lumens Bike Light
This is best reviewed light package available in the market. It consists of a combination of a massive flood light, the Fluxient 3000 Lumens and the Fluxient 1000.
The 3xU2 cree LED 3000 Lumen Light Unit has the most powerful and bright lights for the bike. It comes with an 8800 mAh battery, which can run for about 2.7 hours, depending on the usage of the light. Both 3000 Lumens and the 1000 lumen lights come with four modes, high, medium, low and SOS functions that can easily be maneuvered with simple thumb operated buttons.
The 3xU2 mounting is also quiet helpful, you can mount these lights over standard as well as oversized handle bars. The 1xU2 makes use of O Rings for providing the same usability of mounting the lights on any size handle bars within a few minutes.

Magicshine MJ-872 Light unit + Magicshine MJ-818 Rear Light Unit
This light package offers the perfect solution for safety of the bikers. It consists of the Magicshine MJ-872 1600 Lumens for the front and the MJ-818 for the rear side. So you can expect the ultimate light solution for your bike in this light package.
Both these lights can be run on a single battery and one could opt to have an extra battery too. There are three options available for the alternate battery; these are MJ-6002, MJ-828, and MJ-6030.
For those of you using a single battery can now use the Y-splitter cable you get in the package. These allow you to source both the front as well as the rear lights with a single battery. Choose a battery with higher capacity for better endurance.
You can further get these packages customized to suit your needs. Check the Magicshine website for further details.
These packages are also economical on the pocket. If you individually purchase any of these accessories it will cost you more than when you purchase them in package. Also, you get the added benefit of having some spare sets of cables, extension wires, glass lenses, straps and others that will come handy in the long run.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

History and Emergence of Bicycle Lights in UK and Europe

Bicycles have once again become the best mode of transport in the United Kingdom and parts of Europe, given the deteriorating environmental conditions, traffic congestions, fitness needs of the people and ever rising petrol prices.

Roads were flooded with bicycles and bicycle lights once, but with the invention of cars and other modes of transport, bicycles were steadily pushed off the main frame. Ready availability of cars, motorbikes etc. squeezed the bicycles to the curb, neglecting the fact that this liking for cars et al., is not at all great when we go around complaining about the rise in petrol prices and telling people how green we are.

Magicshine MJ-818 Rear Bike Light And Y-cable PackageSome people in the country like the UK and in Europe have understood how important it is for us to switch back to the much cleaner and cheaper modes of transport, especially when commuting requires only negotiating a small distance on a regular basis.

Students in schools and colleges are the earliest adaptors to this changing trend that has not only seen the emergence of bicycles on the streets of UK and Europe but has also seen a renaming of the good old bicycle into a much shorter and more modern - ‘bike’.

Bikes have become the need of the hour, so it is important to get people to switch to bikes - not only to save them their traveling cost but also to help them remain fit and help them in bringing about the long term benefits in air quality. Time is right and these kids are educating the seniors by using the bikes day in and day out – perhaps for all commuting requirements.
Bikes have therefore received massive transformations to meet the needs and requirements of the new generation. Bikes now have gears to facilitate riders negotiate climbs and descends; bikes have become more attractive with smart front bike lights, rear bike lights, girlish designs and more masculine designs and lights. There are also bikes that you and fold up into a bag so that you don’t have to worry about parking them, though some major places in UK and Europe have bicycle parks now, made specially to facilitate parking requirements of the bikers.

1 Metre Extension Cable For All Magicshine Lights, MJ-872, MJ-856, MJ-816Riding a bicycle can be dangerous in overcast conditions and in the dark because the drivers in cars, trucks, busses etc may not be able to see you because of poor visibility conditions. Therefore, the bikers are advised to wear bright and colorful clothing, and have good bright lights both in the front and the back. This is why bicycle lights industry is seeing a major emergence in demand in the UK and Europe.
Bikers want their bikes to be most attractive; lights don’t only add to safety but also adds style to the bike. So students and other riders are going in for the best front bike lights and best rear cycle lights possible. Providers like the Magicshine are gaining the most from sale and fitting of bicycle lights, which have lately become a charisma amid bike riders in the UK and Europe.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Big Ride Event: People’s voice for safer bicycle riding in London

To make London more livable and street friendly for bicycles, approximately 10,000 people participated in what is called the Big Ride Event. Organized in the month of April, just before the mayoral elections; citizens of London gathered together to express their concern for making London safer for bike rides.
The success of the event was not an easy one. Riders rode against the ever raining weather of London. It was a spectacular sight to witness the four mile long traffic route reserved for the event, decorated with bells, whistles, and balloons. For a while the entire lane was transformed into a red and white alley, where individuals, families, kids, teens, and even the elderly were seen dressed in red and white. They carried sign boards reading “I want safe streets for bikes in London; I am going to the Big Ride.”
This event is quite inspired by the Dutch, and now people of London, wish to follow in their footsteps. A campaign by the name “Love London, Go Dutch” became very popular during the Big Ride event. People are now demanding London to have proper cycling infrastructure for the streets of London, which would encourage more people to walk and cycle.
Simply cycling and walking is not the purpose for this large scale event. The main underlying proposition behind this event was to promote cleaner, safer, healthier and happier London. And, this would not be possible if vehicles keep treading the streets. The way ahead is cycles and walking.
The politicians, who up to now have remained oblivion to the need for cycling infrastructure, have as well been given a strong message that people of London are serious about what they ask for. If countries like Denmark and Netherlands, can successfully install high-quality infrastructure for cycling, why could London not?
Most people are hesitant about using bikes on the streets of London due to heavy traffic or unsafe riding zones. Many would switch to this mode of transportation if they had safer paths to ride on. Yes, this would be a new innovation, but looking at the current world scenarios, where you see most developed world cities with proper infrastructure in place, governed with rules and laws, you’ll agree that London should not be left behind.
And, the story of London streets does not end with putting in place bike friendly alleys; it also needs to be backed by measures like limiting the speed of such lanes to a maximum of 20mph, construction of a good number of residential and shopping streets across the city, especially Greater London and other similar measures. This when corroborated with separate lanes for vehicular traffic and cyclist, can work well for a city, which remains cluttered with heavy traffic for most part of the year.
Since the whole purpose of demanding cycle safe streets for London is to enhance the quality of life of its people, a harmony can also needs to be established with the pedestrians’. One cannot encroach into their space for creating new lanes for cycles. The development authorities need to plan holistically and create a balance for vehicular traffic, cycles and pedestrians.
With all this in mind, and clear cut demands from the politicians and higher authorities, people expressed their concerns through the platform of the Big Ride event. If 10,000 people could be motivated to take on the streets with their bicycles, braving rain and cold and other adversities, you can well imagine their seriousness for the cause.