Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bike Lights UK Products

A leader seller of bike light units, accessories, sports cams etc., BikeLightsUK is known for its superior customer service and round the clock availability of some of the best bike accessories. Since ‘complete customer satisfaction’ is what the company works for, you receive a maximum of 24 hour dispatch time while you purchase a lighting system from. You are immediately entertained and provided best service in case you have any complaint or are dissatisfied with a product.

Products Available at BikeLightsUK

The range of products available at online store include front bike lights, rear bike lights, bike light packages, batteries, accessories and sport cameras.

Front Bike Lights

1. Magicshine MJ-856 Light Unit

The Magicshine MJ-856 is one of the brightest front lights with an output of 1600 lumens. As bright as a car headlight (yeah, really!), the MJ-856 gives superb output with the help of 4 Cree XPG LEDs integrated in one head unit. This makes the light unit a perfect buy for those who are on the lookout for a powerful beam light with less eight. The Magicshine MJ-856 is costing just £109.95. 

2. Beema AS-2000 

Beema AS-2000 is a new brand introduced by BikeLightsUK. Offering high-power front lights, Beema has come up with AS-2000 as their first light and it’s available at BikeLightsUK online store. AS-2000 is a powerful light with maximum output of 2000 lumens. It provides maximum visibility to a rider within a range of as much as 300m (that’s a really long distance) in the dark. The cost of AS-2000 at is £129.99 only.

Rear Bike Lights
1. Magicshine MJ-818 Rear Light Unit

This highly impressive rear light giving an output of up to 85 Lumens is a must-have for all bicycle commuters. Costing just £44.99, the light comes with a highly effective optical lens and can throw light up to 100m behind the bike. Nobody is going to miss you on the road.


1. Magicshine MJ-6030 Samsung Battery

This powerful battery is made up of 4X18650 Lithium-ion SAMSUNG batteries, forming a battery pack of5400mAh. The battery gives maximum endurance and besides, you get a newly designed bag that protects the battery and makes it really safer for use. Now, you can increase your run time by as much as 25% in £49.99 only, and that’s not bad! You know that.

2. Magicshine MJ-828 battery

The MJ-828 pack has 4 X 18650 Li-ion batteries forming a powerful 8.4v 4400 mAh pack for all magicshine lights. The battery comes with a waterproof battery case, plug and a specially designed touch voltage display, making it way easier for you to use it. You can buy one for just £36.79.

Bike Accessories

1. UK mains charger for MJ-880

This is a CE Marked charger particularly designed for the Magicshine MJ-880 light. It displays a red light during charging, changing to green when the battery gets fully charged. The charger also has an overcharge protection circuit. You can get UK mains charger for just £11.95.

2. Magicshine Helmet mount

Magicshine Helmet mount provides you options for mounting your bike lights to your helmet, and not the handlebars. You get a Velcro strap that helps you attach the mount to the helmet quickly. You simply need the O-rings offered with the light for this. The helmet mount costs you £6.99 only.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Magicshine MJ-856 - a quick overview

The Magicshine MJ-856 is the first choice of the bikers who are on the lookout for highly powerful bike lights; ones that offer lasting endurance. Offering a variety of mounting options and powerful beam in the dark, MJ-856 is light in weight and bundles together a number of features anyone would want in a bike light unit. In this post, we’ll do a quick wrap up on MJ-856. 
The Magicshine MJ-856 is well recognized for having topped the list of most powerful light units in the world of bicycling. The light unit comes with modified features and offers an impressive output of 1600 lumens. As bright as a car headlight, the magicshine MJ-856 uses 4 Cree XPG LEDs to give that big an output. This output is really impressive and you just need to check it out once to become a fan!

MJ-856 is the best option for those who want a light-weight bike light unit for maximum visibility during night rides. MJ-856 will no doubt make your ride safer and more enjoyable. Let’s find out what the key features of this light unit are!
Magicshine MJ-856 – Features
Magicshine MJ-856 light unit is handy and really very easy to handle. You can control it through illuminated clicky switch placed at the backside of the light. It is simple to operate – click the top button when you need a high-beam flood and press the lower one for a mild throw to save on battery power.
The switches reflect different colors to indicate the battery level; green when it is 75% and plus, blue for +50%, yellow for +25% and red indicates below 25%. The flashing red color indicates your battery is below 5%. That’s about time when you need to have your batteries charged right away without waiting for a complete blackout.
The Contents in the Pack
  • Magicshine MJ-856 light with battery lead
  • A battery bag containing a 8.4V 4400,mAh Lithium-ion battery
  • Adjustable solid handlebar mount for standard as well as oversized bars
  • A battery charger with country adaptor or UK or EU main plug
  • User’s guide and battery care info
Mounting Options
The Magicshine MJ-856 uses a thoroughly tested O-ring mounting system. This is a reliable system that allows the user to mount the light on helmet or handle bars in almost no time. Also, there are two different size O-rings that can fit on standard and oversized bars without any problem.
Magicshine MJ Battery Series
1.    Magicshine MJ-6002 Battery
This series includes 4 X 18650 Li-ion batteries to offer a powerful pack of 8.4v 4400mAh. There is a safety bag available and it can be easily mounted on your bike. You get a total run time of around 150 to 180 minutes.
2.     Magicshine MJ-828 Battery
This pack contains 4 X 18650 Li-ion batteries to make an 8.4v 4400mAh package for all Magicshine lights. The features include a waterproof battery case and a specially designed touch voltage display (comes really handy). This makes it easier to use and safer as well.
3.Magicshine MJ-6030 Samsung Battery
This pack is made up of 4 X 18650 Li-Ion Samsung batteries to make a 5400mAh battery pack. This one is the right choice for you if it is endurance you’re really looking for. This increases the total runtime by as much as 25%; thanks to the powerful and durable Samsung battery.
The Output
  • IPX4 waterproof rating
  • Scratch-resistant and anti-reflection optical glass lenses
  • A 4-stage battery level indicator
  • Battery recharge time of 3.5 to 4 hours
  • A high-temperature protection circuit
  • Anti-abrasive aircraft Aluminium
  • 4 brightness levels controlled by 2 buttons