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Top 5 Magicshine Lights in UK

Set yourself free for rides in the dark with some of the most astonishing bike lights available in the market. Lights have certainly become an integral feature of bikes as they guide you through dark routes, quickly and safely. Moreover, lights don’t cost much and few pounds wisely utilized, can make your riding experiences more thrilling and gripping. These bike lights are very reasonable and will surely fill up your complete biking kit. For all you fisting adrenaline junkies, here we have the list of top Magicshine lights available in U.K.
Magicshine MJ 880 2000 Lumens
Upgrading MJ 880 2000 lumens, with XM-L2 LED’s the new lights is one of the brightest lights in the market today. 15% brighter, it is a warehouse of. The light comes integrated with adjustable switches at the top mount. Using them, you can adjust the brightness of the lights – there are five settings – 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%
Magicshine Eagle 600
Similar to razor-sharp features of an eagle eye, Magicshine Eagle 600 comes with an OLED display pattern that will tell you the exact runtime. The two LEDs in the light produce an output of 600 lumens and moreover the light is rotatable up to 360 degree. According to the terrain and weather you can adjust the settings to high beam, low beam or flash. The light includes some amazing features like side visibility, USB rechargeable battery and dual beam.  The rechargeable 3100 mAh battery can have a run time of 1.5 hours on high beam.

Magicshine MJ-856 Light Unit
Emitting a powerful white light of 1600 lumens, MagicshineMJ-856 Light Unit is one the brightest bike lights available. With four CREE XP-G LED's and weatherproof body, the light comes with features like Anti-reflection, scratch-resistant, toughened and optical glass lens. Moreover, the brightness can be controlled according to the usage and has protected circuits from heat. When operated with full beam, the light has a run time of 2 hours and has four battery level indicators. With 8650 Li-ion batteries and aircraft grade aluminum alloy body the light only weighs 3460 grams. 
Magicshine MJ-816E Light Unit
With the beam light accompanied by flash lights on the either side, Magicshine MJ-816E Light Unit provides the riders with a better and a brighter view. The center beam is equipped with Cree XM-L LED whereas the other lights have Cree XP-G LEDs emitting an output of 1800 lumens. With four 18650 Lithium-ion batteries, the light has a run time of 1.8 hours at maximum brightness. The light has type 111 hard, anodized anti abrasive body finish and comes along with accessories like battery pack, charger and 'O' rings.
Magicshine MJ-872 1600 Lumen Rechargeable LED Front Bike Light
They call it the Super bright Light – MJ 872, 1600 Lumens is just 400 lumens behind the MJ 880, and yet it is one of the brightest lights you will find in the market. The light is said to last above 50,000 hours, it’s made of aluminum which also ads to the looks of the light. On a single charge, it can run for 2.2 hours on full brightness with a charging time of 3.5 hours. Buying the light package is advisable. You’ll get with the light O-rings for continently mounting the lights, battery pack and charger too.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Find Out Why Scott Mercier and Lance Armstrong’s Are Still Close Friends

Friendship is a weird affair, like the characters form Madagascar, where Alex, the lion had Marty a zebra as his best buddy. Similarly, former professional cyclist Lance Armstrong and Scott Mercier share a strange bond of friendship. Highlighted by his impressive professional career, Lance witnessed a nightmare of downfall, when he was indicted with doping charges and his seven Tour De France titles were stripped of. Nevertheless, the person who stood by him during the toughest time of his life was Scott Mercier and I guess that defines a lot about true friendship.
Scott Mercier and His Story 
Scott, a former member of professional cycling team in 1997, quit the world of professional cycling when the team’s doctor put him on steroids to enhance his performance. The whole story began during the Tour De Romania, when Pedro Celaya a medical officer for the team called Scott to his room and told him to try steroids to enhance his performance. With prescription of pills and steroids, the medical officer promised Scoot to make him go strong. After discussing the offer with his wife, Scott made up his mind to quit professional cycling forever.

Lance Armstrong and Doping Allegations 

During this period Armstrong was recovering from cancer and a year after Scott’s departure, Lance began his second innings of professional cycling. Unlike Scott, Lance agreed to medical prescriptions in order to boost up his routine and even made it an essential asset for the future professional tours. Scott described the whole conspiracy as a well organized doping strategy that was going before Armstrong’s addition to Postal Service team. Lance and Scott were never part of the professional cycling team, but faced same challenges to which Lance surrendered. Moreover, Scott knew that the team carried such steroids in a special refrigerated lunch box and were used during professional events.

Armstrong Found Guilty of Doping

However, Armstrong was found guilty for doping by the Anti Doping Association of United States and Scott was fully convinced about all this. The only thing that he wasn’t able to understand was the denial of Lance after all the devastating evidences and medical reports. After his downfall and speculations with the doping charges, Lance followed Scott on twitter. Scott who quitted the professional cycling a long time ago found the whole thing a bit strange but gave Lance his contact information in case he needed some help. The more surprising thing for Scott was the reply he got from Lance, asking him to bring his bike for some cycling in Aspin that summer. 

Scott’s Stood by Armstrong in times of Need

Although, Scott never stood by Lance for his doping and denial things, buy certainly understood his part and suggested him for an honest confection about doping with an independent commission. Scott agreed with fact that Lance could have done much better with the sports if he didn’t persuade with doping. However, Lance described winning world titles as an addiction and beating all the enduring talents in competition gave him a terrific feeling. It is that one single decision that divides the two athletes apart but the passion for one sport that has brought back two best buddies together.

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Rear Bike Lights Safe You from Being Hit by Cars

Cycling is known to be a stress buster and keeps you fit. With the number of cars in the traffic going up, it’s good to take precaution, before going out. Your cycling gear should be complete, bike in good shape and more than anything your light working. The rear bike light has the sole purpose of making you seen. It is generally very easy to install and you require no wrenches, screwdrivers or any other equipment. 
What it does to keep you safe on the road can be summed up below, check out!
Enhances Your Road Visibility
Most motorists run into cyclist due to low visibility or none. For many bikers riding in the dark is a daily routine that cannot be avoided. So with proper lighting that makes you visible, such percentage of accidents will go down.
What Laws Say About Having Rear Lights
In almost all countries there is a law that allows biking only after the certified light that meets a specific standard is installed. Check the rule book and always install the right light to avoid any complications later on.
What Effective Rear Light Should Have
Most rear lights use LEDs and not filaments, as they are much more dependable, use less power and are brighter. When used in flashing mode they are very successful at attracting attention and keeping you safe. Most light companies recommend use of two lights in the rear, one that is flashing and other is constant. This is also helpful if one stops working. It works well in the rain too.
Never Miss Charging the Battery to Full
Make sure that your battery is fully charged, so that you can use it when you want. Always keep it attached to the bike, so that you don’t miss it even one single day. You can also keep spares just to be really sure. This is especially true for off roaders and people undertaking long bike trips.

Always Keep the Rear Lights Dust Free 

Remember to check your lights regularly for any cracks or dirt that might be accumulating on it. The rear bike lights should be well fitted. Before riding for the first time read the rules and regulations of your area regarding riding and night riding. 

Other accessories You must Carry all Time
Cycling alone or in a group, always remember that safety comes first. The bike should be in good condition, check for punctures, working gears and a well adjusted seat. If venturing in a new area remember to carry a map and make some plans in advance. Wear a helmet at all times and be wary of traffic, pedestrians and other cyclists on the road.
Things To Consider When You Purchase Rear Lights
When buying Bike lights keep a few points in mind. The type of battery and whether it is re chargeable or not. The run time in hours is very critical, to know when to charge them again.