Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Things to Know About Beema Front Cycle Lights: The New Kid in the Block

This is the age of bike riding wherein riders are too enthusiastic to get discouraged because of issues like exhaustion, rough weather and bad light conditions. Be it professional mountain biking or amateur adventure bike tours, bikers never seem to fear any hassles and are least worried about safety.

However, it can’t be denied that it is highly risky to commute on uneven trails or unfamiliar terrains during a bike tour, especially when you need to continue moving ahead even in the dark.

Even if you ride to and from work in bad light, you need a strong bike lighting system to guide you through the dark. In particular, you should be having a powerful front bike light to be able to see the road and objects in front of you. Beema is one of the most popular brands producing powerful bike lights like Beema AS-2000, a front cycle light.
 Beema as A New Brand 

Beema is a new bicycle light manufacturer. It produces high quality lighting systems that meet the requirements of bikers. The new kid in the block is marketed by BikeLightsUK which is its only distributer right now. Beema AS-2000 is the first bike light designed and launched by the two giants ever since they joined hands. Beema front cycle lights have been received well in the UK.

Beema AS-2000 Front Light 

Beema ensures the use of quality manufacturing material in order to be able to offer every bike rider the best bike lights. High efficiency is what makes Beema AS-2000 outdo most other lights in terms of both quality and price. The users are getting a 2-year warranty on the light and a repair service too. 

Beema AS-2000 Front Light – Features

  • A strong front Beema bike light offering an output of over 2000 lumens
  • A rechargeable 6600 mAh battery
  • Two O-rings for mounting
  • One helmet mount
  • A UK charger with a 1m extension cable
  • A 2-year warranty with a user manual
Beema AS-2000 Front Light – Output and Efficiency

What makes AS-2000 front light from Beema the first preference among bikers is its handiness, light weight and an output of 2000 lumens!

The lighting system is specially designed to offer a biker the maximum possible visibility. The light is able to flood the track to a range of more than 300m in dark. Plus, it is quite simple to operate the light and you can easily activate the flash by just clicking a button located on the backside.

Battery and Mounting 

The light comes with the O-ring system, one of the most reliable and safest mounting systems ever. If you’ve used a bike light unit before, you probably know just how reliable o-ring mount based bike lights are.

You get a rechargeable Beema 6600 mAh battery in the pack. The pack is completely waterproof and battery provided a runtime between 3 to 10 hours, fully depending upon the power setting you choose to use when riding during night.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Magicshine MJ-838B 400 - What Bikers Should Know

Cycling regularly or off and on, has been known to be a stress buster and also keeps you fit. It gives you an opportunity to have that private space and me-time when you need it the most!
With the number of cars on the road increasing steadily over the years, it’s good to take precaution, before going out. Your cycling gear should be complete, bike in good shape and more than anything your bike light unit should be functional.
The Magicshine MJ-838B looks quite small, but it’s serious about its business. Generally, bike lights serve the purpose of being seen, however, this light lets you ‘see’ clearly. Hence, due to the LED lighting in it, you can both see and be seen. It is very easy to install and you require no wrenches, screwdrivers or any other equipment.  It comes with two different sizes of O-rings and suits handle bars of all diameters. The battery is in a separate pack which can be attached easily by Velcro to the bike.
Salient features of the bike light unit are as follows:
1. LED light
The bike light uses CREE XP_G LED lead, as a light source. It is very compact in size and has an orange peel reflector that increases its efficiency.  It is made of anti-reflection toughened optical glass lens, which is scratch resistant. The lifespan is above 50,000 hours. Having said that, the light unit is going to last for a really long time unless you lose it somewhere in the forest after detaching it from the handlebar!
2. Battery
The battery is 8.4V 2.2AH lithium-ion, with a recharge time of three and a half to four hours. It has a run time of five hours, when used at full brightness.  There is a battery indicator light, that changes from green to blue at 75% and blue to yellow at 50% and yellow to red at 25%, blinking red is less than 5%. The life of the battery is 500 times cycle. They are in a protective waterproof pack, to keep them dry in all kinds of weather.
3. O rings
Rubber ‘o’ rings are included in the pack which fit snugly on both standard and oversized bars. The rings are very secure and make sure that the light is safe and tight.
4. Compact size
The size is a little deceptive, but the efficiency is incredible. The overheat protection function is very useful. The surface treatment is of Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish, made of aircraft aluminum, with a tail touch switch.  The display has four speeds and divided into three modes.
100% brightness, 30% brightness and just flashing! Incredible!
It weighs roughly less than 250gm; it’s easy and convenient to carry around.
Note: The high beam is very bright and can make approaching drivers dazzled. Try to keep it low. Helmet mount, Head strap, Extension cable are optional accessories available that may or may not be included in the kit sold by a retailer.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Bike Light Accessories – A Quick Purchase Guide for Amateur Bikers

When you commute trails too early in the morning, very late in the evening or in bad weather, you need complete bike light equipment to ensure safety. Powerful lights are a vital accessory for bike riders traveling in the dark, especially in rough, misty winters.

All essential bike light accessories allow a bike rider to see the road ahead and objects clearly in the darkness. Even more importantly, motorists can easily identify a biker in the dark when appropriate lights and indicators are there on the bike. So, if you want to purchase a reliable lighting system for your bike, make sure you have a fair idea about all bike light accessories that are required to ensure perfect vision and safety in bad light and weather.

Here is a quick guide to help you make your bike light purchase easier:

Basic Commuting Bike Lights

Normally, there are three types of bike lights – basic commuter lights, medium-power lights and high-power lights. 

Basic Bike Lights 

Both front and rear safety lights are required when you are riding in bad light conditions, be it in the natural dark or rough weather. These lights help you see objects and the trail in front of you quite clearly; they also make you clearly visible to pedestrians, cars and other vehicle on the road. Most of these lights are battery-powered and easy to fit & use on your bike.

1.  Front Safety Lights 

These lights offer sufficient light to help you see the rack during dusk and in rainy and low-light conditions. They use LED, xenon or halogen bulbs and can be mounted to the handlebar.

2.  Rear Safety Lights or Tail lights 

These lights produce a stable red light so that you are always visible to the vehicles approaching form behind. They are powered by alkaline batteries and can be attached to your bike’s seat post.

Bike Headlights

Since safety lights can’t offer sufficient light when you are on lengthy bike tours in extreme weather conditions and may even have to ride nonstop for days - you can choose one of the medium and high power headlights -

  • Medium-power Headlights

These are one of the most reasonably priced lights available in the market. These lights are perfect for serious biking, for they come with LED or halogen bulbs and produce light beam which is strong enough to help you see the track clearly and make you visible to the motorists at the same time. They give a runtime of around 2 to 4 hours and Magicshine MJ-872 1600 is the best example.

  • High-power Headlights

These lights provide the highest light output, as much as 3000 lumens at best. They are perfect for night time riding even on off-road tracks. Fluxient 3XU2 3000 lumens is the best example.

Bike Light Bulbs 

1. EDs have become a fashion and the first choice of the bikers today. Lights having multiple LEDs are the most powerful and durable.
 2. HID are more powerful than halogen bulbs and last comparatively longer.

Bike Light Batteries

Lithium Ion batteries are at the top, offering the highest energy and power in fewer space. They are one of the lightest light batteries providing the best runtime!