Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Things to Know About Beema Front Cycle Lights: The New Kid in the Block

This is the age of bike riding wherein riders are too enthusiastic to get discouraged because of issues like exhaustion, rough weather and bad light conditions. Be it professional mountain biking or amateur adventure bike tours, bikers never seem to fear any hassles and are least worried about safety.

However, it can’t be denied that it is highly risky to commute on uneven trails or unfamiliar terrains during a bike tour, especially when you need to continue moving ahead even in the dark.

Even if you ride to and from work in bad light, you need a strong bike lighting system to guide you through the dark. In particular, you should be having a powerful front bike light to be able to see the road and objects in front of you. Beema is one of the most popular brands producing powerful bike lights like Beema AS-2000, a front cycle light.
 Beema as A New Brand 

Beema is a new bicycle light manufacturer. It produces high quality lighting systems that meet the requirements of bikers. The new kid in the block is marketed by BikeLightsUK which is its only distributer right now. Beema AS-2000 is the first bike light designed and launched by the two giants ever since they joined hands. Beema front cycle lights have been received well in the UK.

Beema AS-2000 Front Light 

Beema ensures the use of quality manufacturing material in order to be able to offer every bike rider the best bike lights. High efficiency is what makes Beema AS-2000 outdo most other lights in terms of both quality and price. The users are getting a 2-year warranty on the light and a repair service too. 

Beema AS-2000 Front Light – Features

  • A strong front Beema bike light offering an output of over 2000 lumens
  • A rechargeable 6600 mAh battery
  • Two O-rings for mounting
  • One helmet mount
  • A UK charger with a 1m extension cable
  • A 2-year warranty with a user manual
Beema AS-2000 Front Light – Output and Efficiency

What makes AS-2000 front light from Beema the first preference among bikers is its handiness, light weight and an output of 2000 lumens!

The lighting system is specially designed to offer a biker the maximum possible visibility. The light is able to flood the track to a range of more than 300m in dark. Plus, it is quite simple to operate the light and you can easily activate the flash by just clicking a button located on the backside.

Battery and Mounting 

The light comes with the O-ring system, one of the most reliable and safest mounting systems ever. If you’ve used a bike light unit before, you probably know just how reliable o-ring mount based bike lights are.

You get a rechargeable Beema 6600 mAh battery in the pack. The pack is completely waterproof and battery provided a runtime between 3 to 10 hours, fully depending upon the power setting you choose to use when riding during night.

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