Friday, December 6, 2013

Bike Light Accessories – A Quick Purchase Guide for Amateur Bikers

When you commute trails too early in the morning, very late in the evening or in bad weather, you need complete bike light equipment to ensure safety. Powerful lights are a vital accessory for bike riders traveling in the dark, especially in rough, misty winters.

All essential bike light accessories allow a bike rider to see the road ahead and objects clearly in the darkness. Even more importantly, motorists can easily identify a biker in the dark when appropriate lights and indicators are there on the bike. So, if you want to purchase a reliable lighting system for your bike, make sure you have a fair idea about all bike light accessories that are required to ensure perfect vision and safety in bad light and weather.

Here is a quick guide to help you make your bike light purchase easier:

Basic Commuting Bike Lights

Normally, there are three types of bike lights – basic commuter lights, medium-power lights and high-power lights. 

Basic Bike Lights 

Both front and rear safety lights are required when you are riding in bad light conditions, be it in the natural dark or rough weather. These lights help you see objects and the trail in front of you quite clearly; they also make you clearly visible to pedestrians, cars and other vehicle on the road. Most of these lights are battery-powered and easy to fit & use on your bike.

1.  Front Safety Lights 

These lights offer sufficient light to help you see the rack during dusk and in rainy and low-light conditions. They use LED, xenon or halogen bulbs and can be mounted to the handlebar.

2.  Rear Safety Lights or Tail lights 

These lights produce a stable red light so that you are always visible to the vehicles approaching form behind. They are powered by alkaline batteries and can be attached to your bike’s seat post.

Bike Headlights

Since safety lights can’t offer sufficient light when you are on lengthy bike tours in extreme weather conditions and may even have to ride nonstop for days - you can choose one of the medium and high power headlights -

  • Medium-power Headlights

These are one of the most reasonably priced lights available in the market. These lights are perfect for serious biking, for they come with LED or halogen bulbs and produce light beam which is strong enough to help you see the track clearly and make you visible to the motorists at the same time. They give a runtime of around 2 to 4 hours and Magicshine MJ-872 1600 is the best example.

  • High-power Headlights

These lights provide the highest light output, as much as 3000 lumens at best. They are perfect for night time riding even on off-road tracks. Fluxient 3XU2 3000 lumens is the best example.

Bike Light Bulbs 

1. EDs have become a fashion and the first choice of the bikers today. Lights having multiple LEDs are the most powerful and durable.
 2. HID are more powerful than halogen bulbs and last comparatively longer.

Bike Light Batteries

Lithium Ion batteries are at the top, offering the highest energy and power in fewer space. They are one of the lightest light batteries providing the best runtime! 

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