Friday, November 29, 2013

Is Beema AS-2000 Light Really a Good Buy?

You always need to have a strong, reliable lighting system on your bike in order to fight the darkness, regardless of how experienced a rider you are and how well the track you’re riding on is. One of the most powerful Beema cycle front lights, AS-2000 is such a light that you can always rely on when riding through the night.

People across the world have become habitual of riding bikes to and from work, for fun and during bike tours and want to keep going despite adversities like exhaustion, testing weather and bad light. However, riding your bike in the dark, especially on poor trails in an unknown location during a bike tour, can be highly risky.

In such situations, you need a strong and dependable lighting system mounted to your bike. Especially your front bike light should be powerful enough to provide a clear vision of the track in the dark. Beema, a brand introduced by BikeLightsUK has come up with a high-power bike light unit – Beema AS-2000. 
Beema AS 2000 
Beema AS-2000 Bike Light 

The Beema AS-2000 bike light has already been reviewed as one of the most powerful bike light units available in the market. The light is introduced by Beema lights, a brand locally designed and marketed by BikeLightsUK that offers bikers fine quality lighting systems. 

Beema AS-2000 Bike Light – Features 
  • A high-power front bike light providing an output of more than 2000 lumens
  • A 6600 mAh battery (rechargeable)
  • 2 O-rings for mounting
  • 1 helmet mount
  • UK charger with one extension cable
  • A two-year warranty with a user’s manual 
 How Much Output Does Beema AS-2000 Offer

The Beema AS-2000 is a high-power light unit from Beema. In fact, it is one of the most powerful bike lights available in the market right now. What makes the light unique is an output of over 2000 lumens and its light weight.
The manufacturer has specially designed the light to provide bike riders the maximum possible visibility and range, that is, more than 300m during night. Since the light comes in an easy-to-use fashion, you get maximum safety as a biker. To activate the flash, you have to simply click the button placed on the back of your light unit. The light is coming in a patent design and can be kept at optimal temperature in order to prevent overheating. This is how it prevents huge power loss which is common in most other high-power lights.

Battery Backup 
The Beema AS-2000 light unit comes with a 6600 mAh battery. The battery is rechargeable and the battery pack you get in the box is IP65 grade and fully water-proof. The run time is really good and you get excellent battery backup, ensuring an unremitting light flash in the dark and bad weather conditions. Depending upon how long you drive and which beam mode you use, you can expect a run time of about 3 to 10 hours.  

The manufacturer has designed the Beema AS-2000 light keeping safety and comfort of the rider in mind. The light offers maximum visibility in the dark. The throw of light it offers is no doubt satisfactory and the light unit is worth the money you spend. 

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