Friday, November 15, 2013

Why Rear Bike Lights Are As Important As Front Bike Lights

Road safety is always first and all sensible cyclists live by this rule. After all, nobody wants to risk their life by taking bike rides without the right safety gear! However, we often see cyclists giving too much importance to headlights and ignoring tail bike lights. Although it is true that bike headlights are very important and are supposed to be noticeable from a distance of at least 100 feet, it may be risky to underrate the importance of rear bike lights.

The worst, many bikers believe that red rear light mounted to the back of a bike is meant to merely fulfill basic legal directives and has nothing to do with safety and protection of a rider. If that’s true, why most accidents related to cycling in the world has been attributed to bad red reflectors?
Importance of Rear Bike Lights 

If you are an experienced cyclist yourself, you already know that bicyclists need to ride in the direction of traffic and the motorists that pass you by can only see the tail lights fixed just below the seat to work as the red rear reflectors.
Obviously, an accident will occur every time a motorist is not able to notice that red reflector positioned beneath the seat of the cycle. And most accidents in which cyclists are caught lead to severe injuries and in some cases even death!

What Do Reports Say?
You’ll find numerous articles and reports in several magazines and over the internet that prove that certain dangers are associated with a highly careless attitude toward bike lights, rear ones especially.
Many new cyclists get onto the road without getting sufficiently educated about safety rules you need to follow on the road and what it actually means to develop and maintain a safety cycling habit.
Safety Gear Awareness and its Positives

The huge number of bicycle accidents, however, have made cyclists everywhere in the world opt for best fitting safety gear including brighter bike tail lights. Interestingly, Bike safety campaigns have played a pivotal role in making cyclists aware and they are not doing it because of the fear of any legal punishments but for safety reasons.
Thankfully, the number of cyclists involved in road accidents has decreased to a remarkable extent and that is only because of increased safety awareness.
What is required to Ensure Safety?

LED Rear Bike Lights
Though vehicle and road safety laws in most states require bikes to have just reflectors, it remains really very important to ensure safety by purchasing quality bike tail lights that are able to enhance visibility. One of so many benefits of branded bike lights like Magicshine Rear Cycle Lights is that they make a cyclist clearly visible from a distance to motorists in the dark. Especially LED rear bike lights have become highly popular among bikers from across the world. They have a longer life span compared to other lights and besides, they are affordable and consume negligible battery than most other bulbs.

LED rear bike lights are highly in demand because:
  • They usually come in three switchable modes viz. flashing, random and steady
  • The rider always has the option of flashing mode that researches suggest draws more attention compared to steady mode 
  • One rear light can be mounted right on the seatpost top and another to belt or jacket

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