Thursday, November 7, 2013

Buy the Upgraded Magicshine MJ-816E Light Unit for Just £99.95

Magicshine MJ-816E is probably the most flexible light in the huge magicshine line of light products. Now, the upgraded version of the light is even better with an improved output of over 1800 lumen. MJ-816E bike light is coming with a larger lens and the centre is made up of fine-quality orange peel reflector.

Available in the popular Mickey Mouse design, the light has an improved distance beam. It has two floodlights made from fine optical lens on the both sides, making the throw of light more powerful and intense compared to any other light.

Magicshine MJ-816E Light Unit – Features
  • Magicshine MJ-816E lumens now in just £99.95!
  • Upgraded version offering an output of 1800 lumens
  • Output is adjustable by simply taking hands off the bar
  • Already regarded as the most versatile light of the magicshine rage
What is New? 
1. pgraded to 1800 Lumens
Already widely popular as the most versatile lighting system, Magicshine MJ-816E has been upgraded with Cree LEDs that make it way brighter than the last version and most other lights of this range. The outer light heads provide 800 lumens in total, offering relatively wider angle vision so that you can be noticed easily even in the narrowest and roughest bike tracks.

The main, centre light gives a brighter and more powerful beam of about 1000 lumens. So, Magicshine MJ-816E, one of the most robust lights from Magicshine, gives you a total light output of 1800 lumens! 

2. Adjustable Angle Beams 
In Magicshine MJ-816E, now you have two wide angle beams and one single-distance light to choose from while biking back from work. You can also use all three of them in a unique combination for a differently awesome riding experience in the dark.

Since there are a variety of options for you to choose from including two wide angles, a single distance or both of them at once, Magicshine MJ-816E 1800 lumens is no doubt the best and most versatile light.

Magicshine MJ-816E Light Unit – Mounting Options 

Magicshine MJ-816E Light Unit uses the most tested mounting system ever – Magicshine ‘O Ring.’ It is quite simple and effective, allowing the rider to mount the lighting system to the bike in less than one-minute time. You can make it as quick as you want, that too without having to use any complicated tools.

The biker can also mount the remote-controlled command module in the same manner. You also have the option to position it just next to one of your thumbs, allowing you to switch modes with just a brisk click without taking your hand off the bars.
Battery Options 

Highly powerful and reliable batteries from Open Light Systems make Magicshine MJ-816E Light Unit the best option in the market. All the batteries are tested to use the fine-quality Panasonic cells and this is enough for the buyer. The batteries are waterproof and come with a warranty of at least two years.

What’s in the Box?

  • The MJ-816 light unit
  • The battery you prefer
  • Two ‘O-ring’ for mounting
  • UK charger, 2 battery and light manuals
  • A 12-month warranty, extendable
How Much Does the Light Cost?
You can buy the MJ-816 1800 lumen light unit in just £99.95. You can simply visit the official website of BikeLightsUK and place your order online anytime!

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