Friday, November 22, 2013

Fluxient Bike Light 4xR5 1600 Lumen vs. Fluxient 3xU2 3000 Lumen

BikeLightsUK is the trademark of bike lights not only in the UK but around the world. The brand is well-recognized as a leading brand to launch the best bike lights in the UK. Also, BikeLightsUK has earned itself reputation for being the first retailer to provide riders from the UK and the whole of Europe with the most amazing and finest bike lighting systems throughout the years.
We have previously seen various quality bike lights from BikeLightsUK and magicshine mj-872 1600, magicshine mj-868 and magicshine mj-816 is a handful to name. Another good example of lights from BikeLightsUK are Fluxient Bike Light4xr5 1600 Lumen and Fluxient 3xU2 3000 Lumen which can be called the most powerful bike lighting systems ever from any brand. If you need to ride in the dark and are looking for a potent bike light, you can choose any one of these two powerful lights.
Though either of the two lights could be an excellent choice, here’s a comparison to help you decide on the better option, depending upon your budget and requirement.
About Fluxient Bike Light 4xR5 1600 Lumen
The Fluxient 4xR5 light unit is the latest bike light from Magicshine and is rating quite high in terms of both quality and performance. The light unit is coming with an excellent output of 1600 lumens. This is the right light unit for visibility purpose if you need to ride from work during the dark hours.
The light offers a long beam of light that not only helps you see the road ahead but also makes motorists notice you from a distance. Compared to most lights available in the market, the Fluxient 4xR5 light has been found to have better light throw. 
Product Detail: 
Fluxient 4xR5 model number
4 upgraded XP-G R5 LEDs
A manufacturer rated output of 1600 lumens
Rechargeable Li-ion 4400mAh 7.4V battery with charging time of over 4 hours
Working capacity of 2.5 to 12 hours
LED life of more than 50, 000 hours
Diameter of 43 mm 
The light is normally mounted to the bar of a bike and used for routine road biking in the dark. Also, Fluxient helmet mount lighting unit is one of the most tested lights for mountain biking. 
About Fluxient 3xU2 3000 Lumen
The Fluxient 3xU2 is a high-power LED light that has already been accepted as the brightest bike light currently available in the market. And if you need a perfect combination of quality, durability and a light beam with maximum throw, Fluxient 3xU2 is all you need.
The light offers an enormous output of 3000 lumens which is the highest you can get your hands on! 
Product Detail: 
What makes this amazing light output possible is a 8800mAh battery that is potent enough to power the light unit for anywhere between 2.7 to 10 hrs, depending upon the usage. The light has different flash options varying from high and medium to low and SOS.
Like all Fluxient bike lights, this light unit can be mounted on all handlebars (standard or oversize). The light comes with a 2-year warranty and can be used for normal road biking during nights as well as for mountain biking tours. 
A 8800 mAh battery pack (waterproof)
Swivel mount that fits any handlebar
A UK charger and an extension lead 

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