Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Magicshine MJ-838B 400 - What Bikers Should Know

Cycling regularly or off and on, has been known to be a stress buster and also keeps you fit. It gives you an opportunity to have that private space and me-time when you need it the most!
With the number of cars on the road increasing steadily over the years, it’s good to take precaution, before going out. Your cycling gear should be complete, bike in good shape and more than anything your bike light unit should be functional.
The Magicshine MJ-838B looks quite small, but it’s serious about its business. Generally, bike lights serve the purpose of being seen, however, this light lets you ‘see’ clearly. Hence, due to the LED lighting in it, you can both see and be seen. It is very easy to install and you require no wrenches, screwdrivers or any other equipment.  It comes with two different sizes of O-rings and suits handle bars of all diameters. The battery is in a separate pack which can be attached easily by Velcro to the bike.
Salient features of the bike light unit are as follows:
1. LED light
The bike light uses CREE XP_G LED lead, as a light source. It is very compact in size and has an orange peel reflector that increases its efficiency.  It is made of anti-reflection toughened optical glass lens, which is scratch resistant. The lifespan is above 50,000 hours. Having said that, the light unit is going to last for a really long time unless you lose it somewhere in the forest after detaching it from the handlebar!
2. Battery
The battery is 8.4V 2.2AH lithium-ion, with a recharge time of three and a half to four hours. It has a run time of five hours, when used at full brightness.  There is a battery indicator light, that changes from green to blue at 75% and blue to yellow at 50% and yellow to red at 25%, blinking red is less than 5%. The life of the battery is 500 times cycle. They are in a protective waterproof pack, to keep them dry in all kinds of weather.
3. O rings
Rubber ‘o’ rings are included in the pack which fit snugly on both standard and oversized bars. The rings are very secure and make sure that the light is safe and tight.
4. Compact size
The size is a little deceptive, but the efficiency is incredible. The overheat protection function is very useful. The surface treatment is of Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish, made of aircraft aluminum, with a tail touch switch.  The display has four speeds and divided into three modes.
100% brightness, 30% brightness and just flashing! Incredible!
It weighs roughly less than 250gm; it’s easy and convenient to carry around.
Note: The high beam is very bright and can make approaching drivers dazzled. Try to keep it low. Helmet mount, Head strap, Extension cable are optional accessories available that may or may not be included in the kit sold by a retailer.

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