Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Rear Bike Lights Safe You from Being Hit by Cars

Cycling is known to be a stress buster and keeps you fit. With the number of cars in the traffic going up, it’s good to take precaution, before going out. Your cycling gear should be complete, bike in good shape and more than anything your light working. The rear bike light has the sole purpose of making you seen. It is generally very easy to install and you require no wrenches, screwdrivers or any other equipment. 
What it does to keep you safe on the road can be summed up below, check out!
Enhances Your Road Visibility
Most motorists run into cyclist due to low visibility or none. For many bikers riding in the dark is a daily routine that cannot be avoided. So with proper lighting that makes you visible, such percentage of accidents will go down.
What Laws Say About Having Rear Lights
In almost all countries there is a law that allows biking only after the certified light that meets a specific standard is installed. Check the rule book and always install the right light to avoid any complications later on.
What Effective Rear Light Should Have
Most rear lights use LEDs and not filaments, as they are much more dependable, use less power and are brighter. When used in flashing mode they are very successful at attracting attention and keeping you safe. Most light companies recommend use of two lights in the rear, one that is flashing and other is constant. This is also helpful if one stops working. It works well in the rain too.
Never Miss Charging the Battery to Full
Make sure that your battery is fully charged, so that you can use it when you want. Always keep it attached to the bike, so that you don’t miss it even one single day. You can also keep spares just to be really sure. This is especially true for off roaders and people undertaking long bike trips.

Always Keep the Rear Lights Dust Free 

Remember to check your lights regularly for any cracks or dirt that might be accumulating on it. The rear bike lights should be well fitted. Before riding for the first time read the rules and regulations of your area regarding riding and night riding. 

Other accessories You must Carry all Time
Cycling alone or in a group, always remember that safety comes first. The bike should be in good condition, check for punctures, working gears and a well adjusted seat. If venturing in a new area remember to carry a map and make some plans in advance. Wear a helmet at all times and be wary of traffic, pedestrians and other cyclists on the road.
Things To Consider When You Purchase Rear Lights
When buying Bike lights keep a few points in mind. The type of battery and whether it is re chargeable or not. The run time in hours is very critical, to know when to charge them again.

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