Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Top 5 Magicshine Lights in UK

Set yourself free for rides in the dark with some of the most astonishing bike lights available in the market. Lights have certainly become an integral feature of bikes as they guide you through dark routes, quickly and safely. Moreover, lights don’t cost much and few pounds wisely utilized, can make your riding experiences more thrilling and gripping. These bike lights are very reasonable and will surely fill up your complete biking kit. For all you fisting adrenaline junkies, here we have the list of top Magicshine lights available in U.K.
Magicshine MJ 880 2000 Lumens
Upgrading MJ 880 2000 lumens, with XM-L2 LED’s the new lights is one of the brightest lights in the market today. 15% brighter, it is a warehouse of. The light comes integrated with adjustable switches at the top mount. Using them, you can adjust the brightness of the lights – there are five settings – 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%
Magicshine Eagle 600
Similar to razor-sharp features of an eagle eye, Magicshine Eagle 600 comes with an OLED display pattern that will tell you the exact runtime. The two LEDs in the light produce an output of 600 lumens and moreover the light is rotatable up to 360 degree. According to the terrain and weather you can adjust the settings to high beam, low beam or flash. The light includes some amazing features like side visibility, USB rechargeable battery and dual beam.  The rechargeable 3100 mAh battery can have a run time of 1.5 hours on high beam.

Magicshine MJ-856 Light Unit
Emitting a powerful white light of 1600 lumens, MagicshineMJ-856 Light Unit is one the brightest bike lights available. With four CREE XP-G LED's and weatherproof body, the light comes with features like Anti-reflection, scratch-resistant, toughened and optical glass lens. Moreover, the brightness can be controlled according to the usage and has protected circuits from heat. When operated with full beam, the light has a run time of 2 hours and has four battery level indicators. With 8650 Li-ion batteries and aircraft grade aluminum alloy body the light only weighs 3460 grams. 
Magicshine MJ-816E Light Unit
With the beam light accompanied by flash lights on the either side, Magicshine MJ-816E Light Unit provides the riders with a better and a brighter view. The center beam is equipped with Cree XM-L LED whereas the other lights have Cree XP-G LEDs emitting an output of 1800 lumens. With four 18650 Lithium-ion batteries, the light has a run time of 1.8 hours at maximum brightness. The light has type 111 hard, anodized anti abrasive body finish and comes along with accessories like battery pack, charger and 'O' rings.
Magicshine MJ-872 1600 Lumen Rechargeable LED Front Bike Light
They call it the Super bright Light – MJ 872, 1600 Lumens is just 400 lumens behind the MJ 880, and yet it is one of the brightest lights you will find in the market. The light is said to last above 50,000 hours, it’s made of aluminum which also ads to the looks of the light. On a single charge, it can run for 2.2 hours on full brightness with a charging time of 3.5 hours. Buying the light package is advisable. You’ll get with the light O-rings for continently mounting the lights, battery pack and charger too.

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