Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to Install a Battery with Bike Light on a Bicycle

A bike light is a worthy addition to the bicycle especially for the riders who like to travel in the nighttime. Bike light is well supported by the bike light accessories which make riding more comfortable. The bike light can be mounted by using the mounting systems such as O-ring system and V-ring system. So basically when you have the bike light onto the bicycle handle bar then you also need to integrate the battery to the bicycle. You have to learn the methodology of installing the battery with bike light on a bicycle. For doing the task you need three things i.e. a bicycle, a bike light and a battery for bike light. Below are the steps with which you can carry out the installation part:

1.    Remove the Bike Light From its Mounting Bracket
First of all you need to remove the bike light from the mounting bracket where it sets in. you have to be cautious while you do the un-mounting as hurry can cause damage to the mounting system.

2.    Open the Light Casing
In the second step you will have to open the night casing so that you can put the battery to a better position. Most good companies will give you stable options for putting in the battery.

3.    Install the Batteries and Re-Mount the Bike Lights
 Now you will install the battery and look for the proper re-mounting of the bike lights so that their function is not inhabited. In this mannerism you can install and uninstall battery whenever needed.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Modify your Bicycle with Vintage Bike Lights

Though the times have yielded the very best of modern fashion in all gadgets and accessories used by us but still vintage touch is something many crave for. The vintage bicycles can be commonly seen as most cherished possessions with many bike lovers around the world. Even such vintage bikes can be duly decorated with the vintage bike lights like any other modern time bicycle. Or just when you have a love and passion for the vintage accessories then you can get the vintage bike lights for your modern bicycle too.

Much of sophisticated vintage bike lights can be said as one with the golden or silver plating and some exquisite artistic design. One can integrate the same bike lights on the rear as well as front end with the only difference of the lighting capacity. For the front vintage bike lights you can use the high power LED lights while for the rear end vintage bike lights you can use the low power LED lights. Many bike lights manufacturing company customize vintage bike lights for their customers. Apart from that designers who are passionate about vintage designs keep on coming with new vintage-inspired bike lights design. All you need is to know that what kind of vintage taste you would like the most. This can be said also because even the vintage times had many of design variants. The best way to decide about this is the kind and color of your owned bicycle. When you finally discover the form of vintage bike lights you would like to have then you can order them as bespoke.