Saturday, March 31, 2012 is happy to announce they have the all NEW Magicshine MJ-880 in stock. Here are some details about the New MJ-880! Or click to our item page and check them out for your self!
Magicshine MJ-880 BikelightsUK
It is just £141.99 and for this weekend only we have a £10 off coupon code just type in MJ-872222 at checkout.

Magicshine MJ-880 Light unit

Magicshines brightest light yet the MJ-880 is small and compact but offers a whopping 2000 lumens which turns night into day. There are a few new design features that we really like with the MJ-880. Firstly magicshine have ditched the O-ring mounting system and developed new V shaped mount, which is easy to mount to both bars and helmet and a lot more secure for those riding off road.

We compared the beam of new MJ-880 with the popular MJ-872. Because the MJ-880 uses 2 CREE XML LED the beam was a lot fuller than the spot beam of the MJ-872. If brightness is what you are after, you have found your winner in the MJ-880 it is considerably brighter than the MJ-872 and for the price is the best value high performance light on the market.

The MJ-880 is very easy to use with the switches top mounted you can adjust brightness very simply by pressing the left switch to lower brightness and the right switch to increase the brightness. It offers 5 settings 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. To switch the light off, select one of the buttons and hold for approximately 2 seconds. Magicshine has built this light with a circuit protection board including over charge, over discharge and short circuit protection. If the light becomes over heated it will automatically reduce the output.


The battery pack includes 6X18650 Li-ion batteries forming 6600mAh. With an impressive run time of 2.3 hours on maximum output. The battery has a hard casing around making it water resistant and there is clearly no need for a battery bag. The MJ-6036 battery is mounted to the bike by 2 adjustable, durable rubber straps that make it perfect for any sized frame.

I am off out on the bike late tonight to get some beam shots.

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