Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fluxient 3000 Lumens Bike Light!! Its Here!!

Finally we have it in stock the new Fluxient 3X XML U2 Bike Light with a max output of 3000 Lumens it is the brightest Light out htere!!! Check it out at Fluxient 3000 Lumens. Below is some info on the new Light.

Fluxient 3xU2 cree LED 3000 Lumen Light Unit is happy to be one of the first retailers to bring this amazing light to the UK. The Fluxient 3xU2 Bike light is the brightest high power Led light on the market with a whopping output of 3000 Lumens. You will not be disappointed that is a guarantee.

The New fluxient light comes with a 8800mAh battery giving between 2.7hours and 10 hours run time depending on the power level chosen. There are 4 different functions, High, Medium, Low and SOS flash. With its click button located at the back light the magicshine MJ-872 it is easy to flick through the functions whilst on a ride!

The Fluxient 3xU2 uses a secure swivel mounting system that is shown in the picture which is able to mount on standard or oversized bars. It is also easy and secure to mount so you will be away within minutes. Once again like all fluxient lights we are confident that you will not find any problems with them so we are offering a 2 year warranty. If you have any problems Please notify us and we will resolve the issue.

Let us know if you have any questions. BikelightsUK

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