Monday, July 16, 2012

‘Reel’ is a bicycle basket for storage at high speeds

When you ride on your favorite bicycle then you do need some accessories to glorify it. The accessories like bike lights, hydration packs, speedometer and many others let you enjoy beyond limits. Among the bicycle accessories, the storage accessories do create a lot of usability. Observing this the Korean designers named Yeongkeun Jeong and Aareum Jeong respectively have come up with a storage bike accessory that you will love to possess.
No doubt, the bicycle baskets are quite useful but they are large and do not serve the purpose when you are driving at a higher speed. The ‘Reel’ has a design that solves this problem. It can store your belongings and accessories by transforming your bicycle’s frame. For doing so, the silicone stickers are attached to the bike frame and after that the elastic band is wound in between them. The band is flexible and thus it a user/cyclist can customize its dimensions as per the needs. The buttons act like teeth to keep the band in shape. ‘Reel’ is therefore a kind of DIY bike accessory but really a good one.

It must be added here that Yeongkeun Jeong has worked with many diverse companies that include Hyundai and UNIQLO. Reel is a kind of bike accessory that Jeong calls as unlike and it is so because it is not the accessory that you have to just compromise with. It is a bicycle accessory that will definitely create a huge difference to your riding experience. All you need to do is have it and then customize it as per your liking.

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