Monday, August 20, 2012

5 best bike riding places in UK

UK has one of the world’s most lovely routes when it comes to riding on your bike. The places are featured with beautiful landscapes and scenery. Bike riding across UK through the best of the routes for you to explore is a great way to know about the beautiful country. Whether it’s a solo-journey or you just wish to have some great time with your loved ones, UK offers bike lovers very pleasurable journeys to cherish and remember. So get a nice biking gear, bike lights, biker’s backpack and start discovering the best places in UK. Here are the 5 best bike riding places in UK:

1.      St. Andrews (Fife)
St Andrews, Fife is also called as ‘East Neuk’ route and is much popular with the bike lovers who like to go on a small vacation rides. It is a 37 mile trail that is circular and offers the bikers with an opportunity to explore the natural places, sea views. There are good places to eat and dine while you are on the route.

2.      Viking Coastal Trail (Kent)
This is a 29 miles route that has a wonderful mixture of rural scenery along with the breathtaking landscapes. The route has a variety in the kind of inclinations that you see. It is a charming offer for a couple which loves bike riding.

3.      Purbeck Ride (Dorset)
With nice coastal views and plenty of historical buildings and landmarks Purbeck is a 47 mile route that is a great option for bikers to choose as their route in UK.

4.      Longniddry (East Lothian)
If you would like to some place in UK which offers you with ultimate peace and tranquility then this is the route that you must not miss at all. It is a 33 mile ride.

5.      Penmaenpool (North Wales)
This is one of the shortest rides in UK, being just 22 miles in length but with plentiful of breathtaking views at the same time. 

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