Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fluxient 3x u2 XML IN STOCK

Bikelightsuk, Are happy to say the highly demanded bicycle light the Fluxient 3x U2 XML 3000 lumen bike light is back in stock for just £136.99. Buy it now whilst stocks last.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bike Accessories Essential for Both Adults and Kids Safety

Personal safety while riding is of the utmost importance. A full suit of armor would be nice but are difficult to find and a little bulky. It would prevent a lot of bumps and bruises sure to be acquired along the way. However, a more logical solution would be a helmet and pads. They come in all shapes and sizes. Assortments of styles are available for boys and girls. Ensure that the fit is right and teach your child the importance of their headgear. Allow them to choose the one they want if possible. If it is something they really like, they will be more likely to wear it without a fuss.

Making the bike more comfortable is also something to consider. There are many types of seats, hand grips and bar covers. They come in all shapes and sizes. If the seat is uncomfortable after adjusting it several times, you might want to consider something with more padding. Larger seats are generally more comfortable.

Some hand grips offer more padding than others. Different colors and textures are available, as well. Matching or mismatching they add personality to the bike. Bicycle gloves are a good buy as they protect hands during falls and can prevent sweaty hands from slipping off of the handlebars. Reflectors are generally a part of the package with most bikes. However, if your child plans to ride at night frequently it might be advisable to purchase additional reflectors or a reflective vest as an added precaution. Water bottles are convenient on hot days and long rides. They too come in many shapes, sizes, colors and styles. Most of the ones designed specifically for bikes also include a gadget that attaches the water bottle to the bike to hold it in place.

Monday, July 16, 2012

‘Reel’ is a bicycle basket for storage at high speeds

When you ride on your favorite bicycle then you do need some accessories to glorify it. The accessories like bike lights, hydration packs, speedometer and many others let you enjoy beyond limits. Among the bicycle accessories, the storage accessories do create a lot of usability. Observing this the Korean designers named Yeongkeun Jeong and Aareum Jeong respectively have come up with a storage bike accessory that you will love to possess.
No doubt, the bicycle baskets are quite useful but they are large and do not serve the purpose when you are driving at a higher speed. The ‘Reel’ has a design that solves this problem. It can store your belongings and accessories by transforming your bicycle’s frame. For doing so, the silicone stickers are attached to the bike frame and after that the elastic band is wound in between them. The band is flexible and thus it a user/cyclist can customize its dimensions as per the needs. The buttons act like teeth to keep the band in shape. ‘Reel’ is therefore a kind of DIY bike accessory but really a good one.

It must be added here that Yeongkeun Jeong has worked with many diverse companies that include Hyundai and UNIQLO. Reel is a kind of bike accessory that Jeong calls as unlike and it is so because it is not the accessory that you have to just compromise with. It is a bicycle accessory that will definitely create a huge difference to your riding experience. All you need to do is have it and then customize it as per your liking.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Magicshine MJ-880 Deal of July £10.00 OFF!!! is happy to announce the deal of july is the most powerful bike light of the Magicshine range. The magicshine MJ-880 PRODUCES A MASSIVE OUTPUT OF 2000 LUMENS!! For all of July we are selling the MJ-880 for just £131.99 pop over to our website now to see this cracking deal for yourself. You will not find it cheaper anywere else! Magicshine MJ-880

Thanks BikelightsUK

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fluxient 3xU2 xml best light out there?

Just to let you all know so far we have had the fluxient 3000 Lumen 3xU2 xml Bike light in stock for just over a month and have sold over 100 units and not one bad review yet!! This light is turning out to be the best seller of 2012 for us any way one of the only uk Stockists. Pop over to to have a look at the light and get it ordered before we run out! However if we do run out we are due some in at the end of the month ready for the dark nights to start coming!

Any questions please let us know also any reviews we would love to hear them.

Proud sponsors of mtb Guisborough

BikelightsUK is happy to announce that it is sponsoring the 2012 jersey for MTB Guisborough. The designs are just being finalized with the suppliers not and should have to pictures and info one were to purchase them soon.

Big thank you to MTB Guisborough