Monday, August 20, 2012

5 best bike riding places in UK

UK has one of the world’s most lovely routes when it comes to riding on your bike. The places are featured with beautiful landscapes and scenery. Bike riding across UK through the best of the routes for you to explore is a great way to know about the beautiful country. Whether it’s a solo-journey or you just wish to have some great time with your loved ones, UK offers bike lovers very pleasurable journeys to cherish and remember. So get a nice biking gear, bike lights, biker’s backpack and start discovering the best places in UK. Here are the 5 best bike riding places in UK:

1.      St. Andrews (Fife)
St Andrews, Fife is also called as ‘East Neuk’ route and is much popular with the bike lovers who like to go on a small vacation rides. It is a 37 mile trail that is circular and offers the bikers with an opportunity to explore the natural places, sea views. There are good places to eat and dine while you are on the route.

2.      Viking Coastal Trail (Kent)
This is a 29 miles route that has a wonderful mixture of rural scenery along with the breathtaking landscapes. The route has a variety in the kind of inclinations that you see. It is a charming offer for a couple which loves bike riding.

3.      Purbeck Ride (Dorset)
With nice coastal views and plenty of historical buildings and landmarks Purbeck is a 47 mile route that is a great option for bikers to choose as their route in UK.

4.      Longniddry (East Lothian)
If you would like to some place in UK which offers you with ultimate peace and tranquility then this is the route that you must not miss at all. It is a 33 mile ride.

5.      Penmaenpool (North Wales)
This is one of the shortest rides in UK, being just 22 miles in length but with plentiful of breathtaking views at the same time. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Magicshine MJ-872 Special OFFER!!

BikelightsUK is happy to announce that we have the very popular Magicshine MJ-872 on a special offer at jsut £88.99 also with a great choice of batteries. Magicshine MJ-872

Magicshine MJ-872 Light unit
Magicshines best seller of 2012 the MJ-872 light unit with its small and compact design weighs in at just 112g whilst offering a huge 1600 lumens turning night in to day. Finished in anodised satin black/silver and completely sealed with 'O' rings making it waterproof as well as being very tough wearing. The light has 4 brightness levels and a new overheat protection system that prevent any damage to the light unit. This light unit is great for mounting to the bars or helmet.
Magicshine MJ-6002 Battery
The Magicshine MJ-6002 series 3 battery includes 4 X 18650 Li-ion batteries to form a 8.4v 4400mAh pack for all of the magicshine lights. The battery comes with a protective bag for mounting to your bike and gives between 150 – 180 minutes of run time.

Magicshine MJ-828 Battery
The MJ-828 Battery pack includes 4 X 18650 Li-ion batteries to form a 8.4v 4400 mAh pack for all magicshine lights. The specially designed touch voltage display, waterproof battery case and plug make will make it more SAFER, EASIER and SECURE to use.

Magicshine MJ-6030 Samsung Battery
Made up of 4 X 18650 Lithium-ion SAMSUNG batteries to form a 5400mAh battery pack if endurance is what you are after this is the battery for you. The new design battery bag for the Samsung battery gives you more protection for the battery making it safer to use. Increase your run time by up to 25% with the Samsung battery.

Whats in the box?
  • Magicshine MJ-872 light unit
  • Battery of your choice
  • 2 Magicshine O-rings
  • UKCharger
  • Intructions for both the MJ-828 and MJ-872
  • Extended 12 month warranty on all items

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Magicshine MJ-856 ultra-shines with 1600 lumens

A little piece of news that will make every cyclist feel joyous is that Magicshine has came up with its new bicycle light that glows at 1600 lumens! This light is available for purchase in four battery options, features exceptional heat dissipation and has a 4 stage battery level indicator. Magicshine have always innovated the best products for its customers and this time again the offering is lucrative and irresistible for the lovers of cycling. When you have a bike light so much bright with you then you need not worry whether it’s a day or a night.

To cater to the different pockets the Magicshine has launched four versions of the same bike light which are:
·         Magicshine MJ-856 1600 Lumen Bike Light Set With Open Light 4.5Ah Battery (Priced at £135.95)
·         Magicshine MJ-856 1600 Lumen Bike Light Set With Open Light 5.8Ah Battery(Priced at ££149.95)
·         Magicshine MJ-856 1600 Lumen Bike Light Set With Open Light 8.7Ah Battery(Priced at £174.95)
·         Magicshine MJ-856 1600 Lumen Bike Light Set With Open Light 17.4Ah Battery(Priced at £249.95)

This bike light has strengthened the range of high-power bike lights that is held by the Magicshine and it joins other Magicshine’s bike lights such as MJ-870, MJ-808E and MJ-872 as it offers the single light-head option. The superiority of the light output takes Magicshine MJ-856 too ahead in the competitive market of bike lights. It has about four CREE XP-G LEDs that makes it much more efficient than a car headlight. The manufacturers claim that with this bike light a rider can ‘ride the darkest trail on the darkest night’. The quicker mounting and removal of the bike light ensures that it saves the time for the cyclist. Bike accessories experts welcome it as a good product offering and have given it a high rating. So if you were just thinking to buy a bike light then try this one and maybe you will get inspired to ride at nighttime only!