Friday, March 29, 2013

Best rechargeable Mountain Bike Lights in Use

With lesser time during the day for bicycling, the new trend is going out riding at night. There’s no scorching sun, and there are no crowded trails. For a change it’s only you, the night, and your bicycle. But, with all the fun, also comes the biggest inconvenience of night riding that is dim visibility. Stone, animals, ditches, banana peels, there are plenty of obstructions on the road that can take you to the hospital. For night riding, mountain bike lights are not only necessary, they are compulsory. You need a powerful and effective rechargeable bike lighting system that boosts of a powerful lighting source (bulb or an LED) and a rechargeable battery that keeps the lights fueled for at least a few hours. And, just before we go further to elaborate upon the best bike lights, you must learn something about rechargeable lights. There are primarily two types of lights, the front bike lights and the tail bike lights. Most people think that having front lights is essential as they show you the way ahead and enhance your visibility, completely sidelining the tail lights. But, remember if you don’t have tail lights, others vehicles on the road will not be able to see you, endangering your night riding. So, whenever you go for a night rechargeable light system, choose the one with both tail as well as front lights. Magicshine battery and light packages include them both, and are considered by many as the best available lights in the market. For some more added science to the above, here’s more about Magicshine bike lights you can take note of:
best bike lightsBrightness

It is the kind of roads or dirt tracks that you wish to cover at night that will determine the lumens or brightness you’ll need. The darker and the more the lumens required. Different models of the Magicshine lights come with lumen configuration of 1000 and 2000 lumens. For example, the Magicshine MJ-808E provides 1000 lumens, and the Magicshine MJ- 880 battery comes with 2000 lumens. 
Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries  
Amongst the newest and the most popular types of rechargeable batteries are the Li-ion batteries that boast of the best energy to weight ratio and the low maintenance batteries in the market. For example the Magicshine MJ-816 lights have a Li-ion battery that runs for over 180 minutes per full recharge, which is quiet high according to the industry standards.
Having night lights is essential, but what’s even more important is the how reliable they are. A sudden light failure at high speeds at night can prove quiet fatal. Therefore, purchasing branded lights from reliable manufacturers is the way out. Magicshine lights rate high on this aspect as well. They’re waterproof and heatproof. Li-ion batteries have the later as their biggest advantage, they’re resistant to getting overheated. All models of Magicshine lights including the very popular Magicshine mj-808E 1000 and Magicshine mj-880 come are highly reliable and efficient. They won’t let you down provided you’ve calculated the range of your travel.

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