Saturday, July 20, 2013

Why Magicshine MJ-816 1400 Lumens is a Bestseller?

Riding a bicycle is the best thing that you can do for your fitness and the environment simultaneously. Riding a bike is fun, but safety issues loom large while cycling, this is why bike accessory makers around the world are developing devices for safety of cyclists. After the helmet, bike lights are probably the finest equipment developed for rider’s safety. When riding bike, lights are your lifeline, as they indicate to the vehicles that you are on the road too – being really significant for safety, it is important to have the best and powerful bike light out there.

BikelightsUK is one of the largest and the finest manufacturers and providers of bike lights (both rear and front) in the United Kingdom and Europe. Their forte is the Magicshine series of bike lights, which have been a rage in the bike lights market of late. Almost the entire collection of Magicshine lights is cool to use, but there is still a favorite – the Magicshine MJ-868 bike light which offers an output of 1000 lumens (even more power than a car’s hedlamp). If you thought that was the best, just read on.
Magicshine mj-816 1400 Lumens bike light is the new shine

The Magicshine MJ-816 is a new entrant in the market, which has set a new standard in bike light brightness levels with 1400 Lumens (now you can compare that for yourself). Magicshine MJ-816 with all that brightness can provide maximum visibility to even the most demanding of riders, who likes to venture out in the dark.

The Magicshinemj-816 1800 Lumens bike light is a thumb operated lighting unit, which can be easily mounted onto the handlebar of a bicycle. The bar-mounted Magicshine mj-816 sits right next to your shifter, so you don’t have to lunge around to toggle with the light. Courtesy its command control button, the user can snap between the lighting modes pretty easily on the Magicshine mj-816. The command button also allows the rider to adjust the brightness of the light from 5% power all the way up to 100% brightness, on the fly with just a clip of the thumb.

Along with other features, the command control button features a backlight indicator to show battery level in different colors - green means over 75%, blue over 50%, yellow over 25% and red less than 25%. The good thing about the new Magicshine mj-816 1400 Lumens is that the head lamp and the control button all fit onto the standard and oversized handlebars with the help of y-splitter cable and an O ring. The battery of the bike light can be easily secured to the bike’s frame with help of velcro strap fastened to the battery case.
Installing and removing the Magicshine mj-816 1400 Lumens is pretty simple, and it can be fitted and removed from the bike’s handlebar in under a minute.
Magicshine MJ-816 is one of the best selling bike light model thanks to its brightness and flexibility. It features a three light system (900Lm + 2X250Lm) (different range modes) a combination of which is good to satiate even the most demanding and arduous rider’s lighting requirement.

Technical Specifications of Magicshine mj-816

1400 Lumen (900Lm + 2X250Lm) power
Over 50,000 hours of light life
6061 aluminum aircraft alloy body
Easy thumb control switch for control
Rechargable 18650x4 Lithium-ion battery(4.4AH 8.4V
The Magicshine mj-8161400 Lumens triple lamp comes packed inside a box with
  • Battery lead
  • Bar mounted, illuminated thumb control switch
  • Waterproof Li-ion Battery
  • Battery case and Velcro attachment straps
  • Battery charger with adaptor
  • Instruction and safety manual

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