Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Discounts on Magicshine Bike Lights Items in UK

Magicshine offers a wide variety of products which include everything from regular back/front bike lights to batteries.  Besides sturdy safety gear, it is a pair of front and rear bike light units that a biker needs the most.
Currently, some of the most popular Magicshine products are available at a discounted price at some renowned UK based bike accessory retailer websites.
1. BEEMA AS-2000 Front Bike
Made out of the best material, BEEMA AS-2000 is a front bike light that can easily compete with its Asian peers on price and European brands on quality. The product can be availed at a discounted rate £129.99 while the original price is £177.99. The product is offered with two year extended warranty. This front bike light unit can provide a power output of 2000 Lumens and has a range of 300m. Unlike other bike lights, over-heating is not a problem with this Magicshine product. This completely waterproof light unit comes with a rechargeable battery, charger and a detailed instruction manual.
2. Magicshine MJ-856 1600 Lumens
Available at £89.99 (original price £137.99), Magicshine MJ-856 front light is one of the most powerful Magicshine lights. It gives out an output of 1600 lumens i.e. it is brighter than most other bike lights. The light unit does not weight much it uses the tried and trusted O-ring mounting system. Easy to use mounting system allows the user to install lights on bike’s handle bar in less than a minute. This product is known for its economical use of power.
3. Magichsine MJ-818
With an output of 85 lumens, Magicshine MJ-818 is considered to be one of the very best rear bike lights in the UK and whole of Europe. The light unit consists of a very reflective optical lens that radiates right up to 100m behind the moving bike rider. It comes with a 12 month warranty. Currently, it’s priced at a discounted rate of £44.99 (original price is £56.99). A strong battery having a long run time is also provided with the kit. Working on the O- ring system, it is easy to change between the two light settings using the magnetic ring.
4. Magic Shine MJ-818 Rear Bike
The light can be purchase at a discounted price of £29.99 against the original £41.99 offer price. Available with a 12 month warranty period, the product is not accompanied by a battery in the package. This rear bike light unit produces light up to 100m behind the back of the rider.
5. Magicshine MJ-872
A popular front bike light, it comes with a small and compact design. It is available at a discounted price of £104.99 while the market rate is £152.99. The light unit is just 112g in weight. It offers huge output of around 1600 lumens which can easily turn a dark path into a brightened one. The light comes with a 12 month warranty. The package includes a charger and battery.
6. Magicshine MJ-872 LIGHTHEAD+ O rings
Magicshine MJ-872 LIGHTHEAD+ is available at a discounted price of £79.95 against the market price of £91.95. It offers power output to the tune of 1600 lumens that can easily brighten up a basketball court. The light unit has four brightness levels and a newly introduced overheat-protection system. It’s most useful when installed on bars and helmets.
The listed items and many more can be easily availed at discounted rates at Bike Lights UK.

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  1. great price you are providing, Magicshine products are really great and they are worth the cost that it takes to use them.