Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Looking For Rear Bike Lights? We List the Best High Intensity LED Variants

If you are passionate about biking, then you would know about the importance of good bike lights for a rider.They are the only things that a biker depends on for direction and visibility when riding in the dark.There are many types of bike lights available in the market today.The LED high intensity variants come highly recommended as they are dependable and work well in all kinds of conditions. Let’s have a look at the top bike lights in the market today.

1. Magicshine MJ-816 1400 Lumens Bike Light
The light has four modes- short, far, high and step less dimming. The dimming mode lets you control the power output from 100% to 5 %, using the Control Button Push.
  •  Light source: CREE XML
  •  Luminous flux: 1400LM
  •  LED lifespan above 50,000 hours
  •  Battery: 4×18650 Li-ion battery,    8.4V, 4AH
Most users agree that the light is very bright and the rider cannot be missed my moving traffic. It has been voted as the best rear bike light mounted category. The outer lights provide a very wide range in visibility and the light in the centre is apt for any trail. The dimming feature to save battery is the most unique feature of the light. The fact that the power button changes color to indicate power levels is very useful while riding.

2. Magicshine 838b
Magicshine 838b is one of the most compact bike light available in the market today, measuring 1.8” by 1.4”. It also comes with a very handy separate battery back that can be connected to the lamp with the help of a waterproof connector.
  • 200 Lumen Cree XP-E LED Chip.
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Waterproof to IP64
  • Simple installation
  • 3 functions; High | Medium | Flashing
  • Compact design
The installation of the lamp and the battery can be done very easily using the rubber o-ring and the Velcro pouch.The orange peel of the reflector of the lamp is designed to give a very smooth beam.The perfect balance of flood and focus has been kept in mind.The battery can work for almost 5 hours in full power mode. 
3. MagicShine MJ-838B 400 lumen LED Bike Light 2011 version
This is tough light that is wholly anodized in silver or satin black and fully sealed with ‘o’ rings, to ensure that is completely waterproof.
  • Luminous flux: 400LM
  • Run time: 3 hours with MJ-838 battery pack
The light comes with a 1 year warranty and the accessories also are warranted for 180 days by the manufacturers.It comes in a new improved design that guarantees better quality and protection from the circuit for a safer performance.

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