Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Outdoor Cycling: A Guide To Bike Lights

If you like trekking or cross through jam-packed streets using mountain biking, you will need reliable lights for the night time. We complied here a guide to bike lights for first timers, keep reading ahead: 
In recent times, several countries have mandated the use of bike lights to ensure a rider’s safety. This initiative has brought a boom in bike light market, but left bikers with a dilemma for best selection.If like many first timers, you are also caught up in this impasse, the following paragraphs will be a perfect guide to on how to select the right bike lights.
 What Makes an Ideal Bike Light Unit?
The selection of a bike light is mainly dependent on the type of usage. For off roading and mountain riding you need brighter beams and for regular roads, you’ll need better focusing.
Front lights
Ensure that your front light is capable of covering at least 25 meters in the front.
Moreover, the light should boast of a strong luminosity and the unit should easily be mounted on the bike with different light modes.
Rear lights
Distinct from front light, a rear light has a centralized red light that normally reflects up to a distance of 10-15m. The light unit should constantly be effective on the flash mode and must produce an output of 4 candelas.
Different Types of Bike Lights Available
Markets are flooded with bike lights available in different price ranges and features. For your ease, we have categorized them on the basis of price range, which is:
Low-cost bike lights
These bike lights usually range around £20 and can be easily found at any bike shop. However, the light isn’t that reliable and can be dicey, especially in crocked terrain or adverse weather situations.  
Mid range bike lights
If you prefer commuting with less luminosity, this light unit is the best selection for you. The light units range around £30, providing better safety and visibility than low cost bike lights.
High-priced bike lights
Quality has an equalling price and bike lights are no exception. Such bike lights range around £60, but provide unmatched luminosity. The light covers a large area and is operative on less battery consumption.   
Buy light units with LEDs
With the latest LED technology, Bike lights have advanced to all new level. First of all, LEDs are compact, yet powerful and can be precisely equipped in bike light of different invents.
LEDs comprise of modern lumens light units and are reasonable with their price range too. Don’t get fooled with their compact size because a regular LED can produce an extraordinary output ranging from 50 – 500 lumens. 

Reliable battery unit 

Your powerful light unit is never operational until unless you have a corresponding battery unit. You will find battery units in different designs, but always go with better backup and less charging time. Lithium-ion batteries are among best selections that ensures enough light with maximised run time.

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