Monday, January 12, 2015

Bicycle Light Accessories and Mistakes you Must not Make with Them

All cyclists on UK roads are ought to comply with the Highway codes defined for anyone riding a bicycle. The authorities realized the need of defined codes for cyclists, especially those related to lighting like compulsory front and rear lights. A number of bike light accessories in UK are available online and these come in kits with easy to install options.

While illumination attachment for bicycles is majorly associated with improved visibility under circumstances of poor ambient illumination along with illumination of road signs created with reflective materials.  In many jurisdictions, a bicycle user is bound to attach multiple lights as per codes defined within them.  However, a big mistake that many riders commit is to over emphasize on the front headlight, but choose cheaper rear lights. There are others, who believe in overwhelming their bicycles with lighting accessories like fitting lights to wheels. It’s always an advantage to have more lights as it improves the visibility of others driving motor vehicles.

However, there are some common mistakes that cycling enthusiasts most often. For example, if you are wearing a long coat, then there is a chance that the edge of it will cover the rear light. Now, that’s a troublesome situation as you are riding under the impression that the rear of your bike is illuminated, while it’s actually covered. In a way, you are not prepared for adverse situation under such ignorance. Keep yourself vigilant and look not to commit such silly mistakes that can have adverse effects.

Another mistake is to buy bike light accessories with low battery life. Most often, cheap labels would lure you with their offers and affordable price tags, but it’s a kind of a lethal compromise. Prefer to buy accessories with USB rechargeable batteries, which you could charge anywhere. Poor weather conditions like extreme fog reduces visibility of cyclists on roads. Don’t take the chance and ride without lights on your bicycle during such times. There are some high luminescence bike accessory brands like Magicshine bike accessories, which are perfect under conditions where you are facing thick cover of fog. 

Another common mistake is to disregard the value of mounting tools. Most users would go for a DIY elastic or rubber band to keep the light in place. However, sometimes even a little bumpy ride could displace it from proper position or could cause it to detach completely from bike. That can cause a sudden blackout, hence, a critical surprise. So, try to buy lights that come with proper mounting options. While choosing the front light, do consider some critical factors such as normal illumination of streets you’ll drive. A city road is likely to be more illuminated with street lights than countryside.

However, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to go for a bright light.Sometimes, high luminescence keeps you visible against high beams of heavier vehicle lights. In nutshell, just buying bike accessories isn’t enough. You must know how to make correct use of it, and more than that matters comprehension of your requirements.

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