Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Best Guide to Bicycle Light Prices

There are a lot of options of lights around you that necessarily do not fit into the categories by virtue of offering exceptionally good or insufficiently poor value for money. Here is a quick guide of what sort of lights you can expect to buy for what sort of money! Buying Bikelights for your Bikes is a tedious job. It is a fact that the more you pay the brighter and more sophisticated you get. Users that use their bikes occasionally should look for the cheaper options, whereas regular night-riders towards the pricier ones. In general, for most riders, the optimum price will be somewhere in the middle.
Have a look at these options available at varied price ranges:
  • Up to £20 –: These lights in the lower range are ideal if you are in areas that are already well lit. As such, lights in this price range are commonly rear lights that help make the cyclist visible on the roads.

  • £20-£50 –: If you want lights that offer a good combination of visibility and front lit navigation, the front and rear lights in this price range are suitable for you. Most of the lights falling under this price range come with rechargeable batteries and waterproof construction where the bulbs are housed.
  • £50-£100 :– These lights offer an excellent level of brightness and visibility to the rider. Such lights come with features like increased Lumens, lightweight casing, rechargeable batteries and a secure easy to use mounting system.
  • £100+ –: Lights in this range represent the ‘high end’ range of light performance. These lights comes with some exceptional feature - high lumen output, lightweight, wide range of light display settings coupled with longer burn times, and powerful LED bulbs for use in areas where there is no natural light available.
  • £300+ –: Specially designed for mountain bike riding, these lights offer incredible brightness and good run times to cope with remote areas with no natural light. These come with features including incredible brightness (up to 2600 Lumens), run times in range of 2-3 hours at the maximum beam setting, numerous mounting options (handlebar and helmet), cable free design (CFD), and USB ports.
Now make your choice as per your need and price!

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