Wednesday, May 27, 2015

6 Cycling Locations in Europe- You Cannot Miss Them!

Undoubtedly, cycling around with family and friends can be an enjoyable and most memorable holiday. You will not only enjoy the time spent on your cycle, but also this holiday plan will take you far away from the crowd and pollution of the city. Have a look at some amazing destinations you can plan for this season.

Whether you are planning to take your bike along, for these holidays or you are a passionate cyclist, a holiday on cycle can change your life. Yes, a vacation along with your bike, just imagine you and your loved ones all around and the nature welcomes you with an open heart. How beautiful the holidays will become. You can take your bike to any astounding location. Well, if you have not decided, Europe will be a perfect choice. The reason being, it is a one-stop destination for every kind of route. Ranging from the unexplored roads near homes to the far-flung mountain passes, it has all.

Find out 6 amazing locations here:

Mountain biking, Spain

With the stunning climate, the Alps and Pyrenees offer swift descents and endless rolling trails. It is a prime location and opens throughout the year. You will surely enjoy riding here with your family. And, you don’t need to bother much for your and your loved one’s safety as you will get complete Land Rover support vehicle to guide you. The cost you bear is also very genuine. It will also include three meals a day and abundant drinks (wine or beer).

Amsterdam, Holland:

An outstanding location with 513km of dedicated cycle paths can be your next choice. Do you know that around 10,000 bicycles are parked in Amsterdam Central Station every day? While riding to the leafy suburbs of Amsterdam Zuid district, the verdant public space of Vondelpark, the Apollolaan area and several other pristine locations, you can have some memorable pictures.


Are you in love with exquisite Italian cuisine? Then, nothing can beat this location for planning a cycle holiday. Yes, you can satisfy your taste buds and enjoy cycling to Tuscany. You will love being in the viticulture country, going through the wine yards (you can taste the wine too) and rolling through the forested landscapes and the beauty of Siena. It will be a unforgettable time.


Well, it might not be so famous spot for cycling, yet there are some factors, which make it to this list. The Eastern European country has cliff-cut paths, timber-frame villages and rolling green landscapes. What else a cyclist needs? You can head toward the south, following the mountain river Bialka. Here you will enjoy the close encounters with the folk culture, natural wonders and unique architecture, all at one place.

Somerset, England

You might have heard about the the cycling headlines of Yorkshire regarding the Grand Depart of the Tour de France. But, this is not all. There are a number of shorter family route you can opt for in England. For example, you can choose to ride along the most atmospheric, i.e. the traffic-free Strawberry Line along the old railway route. The other option is to travel to the series of spurs around the village of Cheddar. This easy-going eight miles ride will be a great fun.

Mecklenburg Lakeland, Germany

A true cycling experience, with more than 70,000 km of cycle trails, Germany is the location you have been looking for. You have amazing options here, like the most popular riverside routes with both the 640km Mecklenburg Lakes Cycle Route from L√ľneburg, the 230km Ruhr Valley Cycle Route from Winterberg to Duisburg, and much more.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Best Guide to Bicycle Light Prices

There are a lot of options of lights around you that necessarily do not fit into the categories by virtue of offering exceptionally good or insufficiently poor value for money. Here is a quick guide of what sort of lights you can expect to buy for what sort of money! Buying Bikelights for your Bikes is a tedious job. It is a fact that the more you pay the brighter and more sophisticated you get. Users that use their bikes occasionally should look for the cheaper options, whereas regular night-riders towards the pricier ones. In general, for most riders, the optimum price will be somewhere in the middle.
Have a look at these options available at varied price ranges:
  • Up to £20 –: These lights in the lower range are ideal if you are in areas that are already well lit. As such, lights in this price range are commonly rear lights that help make the cyclist visible on the roads.

  • £20-£50 –: If you want lights that offer a good combination of visibility and front lit navigation, the front and rear lights in this price range are suitable for you. Most of the lights falling under this price range come with rechargeable batteries and waterproof construction where the bulbs are housed.
  • £50-£100 :– These lights offer an excellent level of brightness and visibility to the rider. Such lights come with features like increased Lumens, lightweight casing, rechargeable batteries and a secure easy to use mounting system.
  • £100+ –: Lights in this range represent the ‘high end’ range of light performance. These lights comes with some exceptional feature - high lumen output, lightweight, wide range of light display settings coupled with longer burn times, and powerful LED bulbs for use in areas where there is no natural light available.
  • £300+ –: Specially designed for mountain bike riding, these lights offer incredible brightness and good run times to cope with remote areas with no natural light. These come with features including incredible brightness (up to 2600 Lumens), run times in range of 2-3 hours at the maximum beam setting, numerous mounting options (handlebar and helmet), cable free design (CFD), and USB ports.
Now make your choice as per your need and price!