Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bike Light Accessories Add Fun and Safety to Your Ride

Riding a bicycle is a great past time for some, for some it is the best way to remain fit and for a few it is the finest way to commute low on emissions and without the worry of rising petrol prices. No matter what category of bike user you are; bike light accessories is one thing that will make bike riding comfortable and fun for you.
Bikes have seen a renaissance in the recent few years in the United Kingdom and Europe. Many manufactures and designers have come up who are making bikes to meet the needs of the youth (who are considered the widest users of bikes in the UK and Europe). Students and young office goers are using bikes to commute to their schools, colleges and offices.
Riding bike is fun, healthy, emissions free and cheap as compared to other forms of transportation, but it is the most unsafe way of commuting, especially in the dark, rain or overcast conditions. Because it is an unsafe way of transportation, many parents and well-wishers are worried about the safety of their wards. The best way to be safer on the road while riding a bike is to have bright powerful lights installed on the front and rear of the bike. Having lights on the bike makes it that much easier of the rider to ride, and for the other motorists on the road to locate the rider.
What are bike light accessories?
Installing bike lights on to front handle or the rear of the bike isn’t the only way out, there are numerous bike light accessories available out there that can make being visible while riding fun. There are many bicycle accessories manufacturers in the UK, and Magicshine is one of the finest names in the business. Bicycle accessories or bike lighting or bike light accessories as you can refer them to include, everything from helmet mounts, mains power chargers, Y cables, extension cables and O-rings.
All these aforementioned accessories are provided by Magicshine in the UK and can be easily purchased from Bike Lights UK store. These accessories make it easy for the lights to be installed on the bike or be used in such a way that the road ahead is visible and the vehicles on the road can also see the rider.
Some Bike Light Accessories to Make Riding Fun and Safe
·         Mains power chargers: The battery used to power the bike light is rechargeable. Being rechargeable, it is important to have a mains charger handy so that the battery can be charged on the go.
·         Helmet mounts: There are ways to install bike lights onto the front bars and the rear of the bikes, but not everyone likes it that way. For who would like to wear the light on their helmet, helmet light mounts with Velcro strap are available which allow you to wear the light on the helmet.
·         O-rings: ‘O' ring allow you to fit bike lights to the bike's handlebars (both standard and oversized).
·         Y cables: Y-cable lets you run 2 bike lights off the same battery.

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