Wednesday, January 30, 2013

HEDCAM HD Wide Camcorder 2nd Generation – Better than You can Believe

BikeLightsUK a trusted and reliable provider of bike gear and accessories in the United Kingdom recently announced that the company would be providing the 2nd generation HEDCAM HD Wide Camcorder. This for sure, should sound pleasant to bike enthusiasts who often find it hard to order even the most sophisticated bike accessories online. Very few online vendors and service providers have actually been able to win the trust of bikers in the UK by offering quality products, second to none service guarantees and fresh stocks.
Apparently, a large number of people were waiting for the 2nd generation HEDCAM HD Wide camcorder. Now, with the official announcement of, their wait is finally over.
With superior optics and firmware, the new HEDCAM HD Wide camcorder has scores of other features that no other product in the market can match. Compared to the previous generation of this camcorder, and even new models offered by other manufacturers, HEDCAM HD Wide Camcorder 2nd generation is simply unbeatable. No wonder immediately began to stock these HEDCAMs as soon as they were made available by the manufacturers. True to its reputation, the company will not make anyone wait for want of more stocks.
The new HEDCAM offers the facility of loop record as well as the ability to record videos whilst its batteries are being charged. It can be safely said that manufacturers and innovators responsible for designing and manufacturing the 2nd generation of this outstanding camcorder focused quiet a lot on increasing the overall recording times for bike enthusiasts. It goes without saying that bikers were actually looking for such features in camcorders.
The new camcorder allows a user to record the full view as it provides an unbelievable 135 degree camera angle. With a built-in battery, bikers can go about recording HD (High Definition) video for as long as 90 minutes in total without needing to stop for battery replacement or recharge. Also, users can insert memory cards with a maximum capacity of 32 GB and record long HD videos on the go.
While recording quality, capacity, angle and other features make it a perfect head camcorder, it is due to the mounting options that this HEDCAM can actually be put into perfect use by bikers. It is possible to mount this camcorder on anything including a biker’s head, arm, wrist, MTB etc. In fact, bikers can even mount the camcorder on goggles!
After getting to know about all the features that HEDCAM HD Wide Camcorder has, it is just hard to believe that the device with such great capabilities is just the size of an index finger! It’s waterproof and it’s so light that a biker can hardly feel if the camcorder is there on his or her head, wrist or anywhere else.
Good things come in a package and this camcorder for sure packs a whole lot of them. will perhaps need to keep stocking up as sales of the camcorder will skyrocket anytime soon.

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