Wednesday, January 2, 2013

London Bikes Show, 2013

The London Bike Show is one of the premier cycling exhibitions, which had attracted more than 85,000 visitors in 2012. This year the event is scheduled to take place on 17-20th January. The four day event will be hosted at the ExCel Exhibition Center London, along with four other shows, the Outdoors Show, The Active Travel show, Tullett Prebon, and the London Boat Show.
The event will feature UK’s first fully indoor criterium race, the IG London Nocturne, 2013. There will be a series of races, including Men and Women Elite Criterium Race, Penny Fathering and Folding Bike Race.  The races will be organized on all four days of the event to give every visitor an altogether different, never seen before experience. This new partnership is likely to fetch the show and its organizers an edge over all their competitors.

Vos Media Limited, the company that is organizing this year’s event wants to give all visitors,  whether they like road cycling, mountain biking, weekend cycling with family, or commuting to work every day on the bike; products and information that will be useful to them.
A comprehensive bike exhibition, the London Bike show is the perfect platform for not only bike enthusiasts, but also for distributors, retailers, and wholesalers selling bike parts, and supplying components, agents, technicians, professionals and all other people who’d like to expand their business network by establishing relations by impressing upon the leading manufacturers and suppliers.

For other casual visitors, there is plenty to learn. Informative seminars will be organized during the exhibition. You can attend these and prepare yourself for the coming spring cycling events.
Winter is the time when cycling comes to a halt for most people because of rain, snow, and severe cold waves. So this is the best time to relax and enhance your knowledge about cycling techniques, products, and other related aspects of biking.

At the London Bike Show, a display of different biking products will take center stage. You can through collections of some of the best motorcycle wheels and tires, cycling gear, helmets, motorcycle chassis, brakes, lights, electrical parts, motorcycle seats, armor, boots, chains, shock absorbers, and the list goes long.

Apart from the exhibition, the other highlights of the show include, The Animal Bike Tour and Bike Radar Training. As part of the Animal Bike Tour, legendary Martyn Ashton and Blake Samson will be putting up a spectacular aerial show every day, showing their skills, control and balance with the bikes. It is rare to get them perform such acts, so be there. At the end of show visitors have the opportunity to win some free Animal Tour Gear and some other limited edition merchandise as well.

For all professionals who wish to sharpen their skills at cycling, there is the Bike Radar Training session for you. Experts from Koolstof Coaching Centre will put you through a series of tests and consultation sessions to train you with different techniques of cycling. Other events that might grab your attention include The Climbing Village, The Photography Village, and Bike Pole.
Lastly, for all readers, the best news is that only one ticket will give you entry to all the four shows at the ExCel Exhibition Center from the 17th to the 20th of January. It’s perfect value for your time and money!

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