Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Get to Know About Fluxient Bike Light 4xR5 1600 Lumen

With growing popularity of bike riding, one essential consideration that has grabbed attention of bike riders is the safety of night riding. There was once time, when bikes never had lights, then came a time, when only a few bike aficionados got these lights put up, and now in the present times, all those riding the bike at night need to have them. In fact, laws have come up that make bike lights a necessity for night riding.
Lights not only make the road ahead more visible, decreasing the chances of tripping over stones or potholes, but make your presence on the road visible to all other riders, who can spot form a distance and hence avoid any kinds of collisions.
And, in fact there are different varieties of lights that available for different needs. There are different lights for mountain riders and others for city commuters. Today, we’ll elaborate more about the Fluxient 4XR5 light unit by Magicshine. These lights are the latest offerings by Magicshine and rate high on performance and quality.
The 4XR5 light come with an amazing output of 1600 lumens, which is good for visibility purpose during the darkest nights, with a long beam that shows quite far in the distance. These lights have in fact been tested against many other brands in the market, and proved to have better lighting capacity than others.
To add more fun to the lights and how they look on the bikes, the fluxient bike lights have been given a sleek design that fits well on every kind of bike, without protruding awkwardly. The design is quite similar to the Magicshine MJ-872, but there is one major difference. These new lights have a gun metal design, instead of their plastic counterpart, which makes them much more durable, and classy in looks.
When you buy fluxient 4xr5 1600lumen lights, you’ll get an entire pack of accessories with it. The pack will include O-rings that help easy mounting of the lights over the bike handles. Not just the handles, these lights can also be fixed over the helmet. The pack includes a separate fluxient helmet mount. Also, you get a 4400mAh battery pack that gives you an impressive 2.5 hours of runtime.
The design of the lights makes them easy to operate. There are click switches that help you to not only turn the lights on and off, but also adjust the flash of light, on low, medium and high. The lights are bond to leave you impressed with the first use. They come with a 2 years warranty, and there is hardly much chance of disappointment.
So, for all those venturing out from home at night, whether from work, or for a ride around the city, or even off road-ing in the mountains, the adjustable flash of the lights help you solve all your lighting problems. These lights meet all the required standards demanded by the law and will last longer than you expect. 

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