Friday, June 28, 2013

5 Necessary Mountain Biking Safety Accessories

As the song goes – “you and I in the beautiful world….” the same feelings must arouse within when you ride through the terrains and valleys seated upon your bike. But, such rides can turn out be treacherous too, especially when you ignore the basic safety accessories and hit the road without giving a damn to personal safety. At times, accidents can lead to severe fatalities including bone fractures, brain hemorrhage etc.

Having all the tools and accessories is the first step to ensure your personal safety on the road. Listed below are 5 absolutely necessary tools/equipments/accessories that a mountain biker must have:

01. Helmet Breeds Confidence

Have you ever ventured out on the roads (on your bike) without wearing a helmet?
If no is the call then why take chances in the creepy mountains where you will find more rocks than roses. If you get what we’re implying, do NOT let yourself depend on fate and act like a super hero. Head banged against a hard rock; very few have chances of escaping the accident without a serious injury. 

02. Gloves Ensure Comfort and Safety

Your hands (along with your legs) are the only companions in the mountainous journey. A beginner tends to grip the bike handle a bit more tightly than an experienced biker. It can be brutal to your hands which guide you tirelessly in the long run. Make sure you always wear bike gloves for increased safety and comfort. Full-fingered gloves are much better than half-fingered ones as they provide firmer grip.

03. Bike Shorts: The Way to Go

No longer is a biker observed in tight ‘Lycra’ mountain bike shorts as there are better substitutes available in the market. You should purchase a pair of shorts that makes you feel casual and make way for the accumulated perspiration to evaporate through the pores. And, adding to what was mentioned before; shorts should be purchased bearing in mind the comfort factor it can offer and not on the basis of its appearance. Mind you, appearances are often deceptive. 

04. Eye Protection

Keep a pair of high quality sun glares to neutralize the wind and dust particulates. Clear eyesight paves way for better and hassle free ride. An ideal pair of sunglasses wins half the battle for you.

05. Repair Kit: The Need of Tough Times

You can easily get stuck in the woods at some odd hours and there is every possibility that no one will hear your desperate screams. Such incidents do occur and they happen mostly due to mechanical troubles in bikes. So, you should be well prepared to prevail in such situations with a multi-tool repair kit.

You should also pick up a pair of shoes that complement the pedals fittingly. Other than that, you should carry an extra pair too, in case the sole comes off (highly likely!) on a long ride. Mountain biking is full of thrill and excitement but you must not take safety considerations for granted no matter what. Even the most professional bikers in the UK don’t do that, really!

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