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Wiggle French Revolution – 1 Day Ride to France

Wiggle French Revolution
The Wiggle French Revolution Sportive sees entrants meet at the Dover’s ferry port before they head to northern France to get on to a 55 and 74-mile sportive ride.
One of the most exciting and innovative sportive, the Wiggle French Revolution is essentially a day trip in France. Beginning from the Dover ferry port, where from a ferry is arranged (with parking facility) to get you to Calais in northern France so that you can mingle with the French spirit after a 1.5 hour long luxurious journey, and then kick of the riding event.
The event
The ride comprises of two courses, the Epic 75 miles or Standard 59 miles rides. The routes are naturally beautiful and scenic, and take riders’ trough the amazing North Coast and the National Park, also adding to the cyclist adventure with traffic free cycling on extremely well organized courses.

The Route
Both the routes on the Wiggle French Revolution sportive start with a seven mile flat stretch along the north coast to Sangatte. Hereafter the course becomes a little demanding, and requires lot of training , as you pass through the stunning Mont d’Hubert & Cap Blanc Nez. The mounts are reminiscent of the World War II and forts and bombing creators for the devastating war can still be seen on the cliff tops. So, it’s all in all a very historic ride amid naturally beautiful sites.
As the riders climb to the top of the Mont d’Hubert, the journey is tiring, but worth all the hard work – from the cliff atop the mountain, riders are up front with one of the most magnificent view of the English Channel and the white cliffs of Dover – a sight to savor, to say the least.
After the picturesque view and sightseeing from the mountain top, the route leads cyclists into the amazing ‘Foret Domaniate de Guines’ National Park, which is a nice climb up to Mont d’Licques. Hereon, the route will head west word and join the main course on the spectacular coastline.
Moving north words along the coastline towards Calais, the riders will be treated to the beauty and treacherous mountain roads as they pass the Mont Duez, Mont de la Louve and Wissant before the final climb of the day at Mont d’Hubert. This is followed with a level 7 miles ride to the finish line back at the Calais Ferry port itself. Riders are served with refreshments on arrival, and there is facility available for changing and shower.

Benefits along the Wiggle French Revolution

Besides the opportunity to ride in the magnificent landscape, in a non-competitive ride, the bikers are also treated with facilities like feed stations, mechanical support, bike wash facilities, signposted courses and event photography etc.

Opportunity and requirements

A rider who participates in the Wiggle French Revolution – 1 Day Ride to France should have a valid passport and travel insurance and should be above 16 years of age.
The entry to the sportive is limited to 700 riders and the maximum luggage a rider can carry is limited to one small rucksack only (which will be stored safely, when you are out on the ride).
The Wiggle French Revolution 2013 is slated to begin on 16 June and the entry fee is as follows:
·         Epic    120km / 75 mile ride -  £59.00, with parking and the ferry crossing included
·         Standard 94km / 59 mile ride - £59.00 with parking and the ferry crossing included

Author: A software engineer by qualification and a writer by choice, Adam Jackson is a biking enthusiast. Be it a posh city or a tough mountain terrain, he likes to dare the traffic, mud, boulders, rains and darkness every now and then when he ventures out to unknown territories on his bike. He regularly writes on bike light accessories, bike tour events and other subjects

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