Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Most Awaited Bicycle Event of the Season - Tour Series Round 3, 2013

Started in 2009, the Pearl Izumi Tour Series is an annual series of bicycle racing, which is sponsored by cycle retailer Halfords. Beginning the second Tour Series event in 2010, the Pearl Izumi Tour Series is being live televised by ITV4 in Great Britain. Pearl Izumi the world reckoned providers of technical cycling, triathlon and active outdoor wear, are title sponsors of Tour Series cycling event. Unlike some of the other spectacular bicycle race events around the globe, the Tour Series is a competition which emphasizes more on team efforts and team performance; individual performances are given lesser importance. At the Tour Series cycling event races are held over one hour in addition to five laps. Being a team oriented event, five riders of each time start in the event, therefore team standings of each team are calculated by adding together the positions of all of the top riders of each team. Team with the lowest score wins and gets an additional 10 points to add to their overall championships tally. 
Besides this, the event also has separate competitions in each round, over all competition for the series and three sprints in every race.  As learnt, Pearl Izumi Tour Series is one of Britain’s leading televised cycling race event. Highlights of each race day and event rounds are shown on ITV4. This year in 2013, Pearl Izumi Tour Series is celebrating its fifth year of the unique team-based cycling competition. To make the fifth year of success, Tour Series organizers have promised to make the event big. Ten teams have come together to battle it out at the eleven scheduled venues to take home the title of being the best cycling team in Britain.For the last five years, the main source to success of the Pearl Izumi Tour Series has been the great on air coverage that it has received and the unique theme of the event, which brings one of its kind gladiatorial and exciting team racing to the streets of Britain. 
The fifth edition of the Pearl Izumi Tour Series will be a five week long intense action packed cycling event. The most awaited bicycle event of the season got underway on 14 May and will end with the last race on 14 June. Round 1 and round 2 have been successful and now Tour Series Round 3 (2013) is slated for 21 May. IsTour Series Round 3, The Biggest Cycling Event in May, 2013 is a question that striking every mind. It is early days in the event now, but the stage is well set to make Tour Series Round 3 cycling event the biggest cycling event this May. Tour Series Round 3 Great Britain is waiting to see, all will be seen taking to the streets when the riders will ride through the streets. Besides the races itself, Tour Series sees great crowds that come out to check out the amazing bike light accessories that have been used in the competing bikes. So are you going to be a part?

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