Friday, May 3, 2013

What are the Benefits of Buying Magicshine MJ-6030 Bike Light Battery?

Bikelights UK is one of the most renowned bicycle light manufacturers and sellers in the UK and Europe. If you have been a bike rider in any of these areas, you would have used a Bikelights UK bicycle light at some point in time. Magicshine bicycle lights are the biggest range of bike lights by Bikelights UK. Magicshine range of bike lights, besides being well-reckoned for their high light output, are also very famous for the endless powering batteries these come with.
Magicshine battery provided with various Magicshine bike lights has an efficiency and competence of its own. Given the amazing output the Magicshine bike lights deliver, it is really important for the Magicshine battery in it to be really powerful lasting and an amazing performer.
 Talking about battery performance, there is nothing that gets better than the Magicshine MJ-6030 battery when it comes to performance. The Magicshine MJ-6030 battery is a powerful battery made up of 4 X 18650 Lithium-ion Samsung 5400mAh battery. Comprising of 4 X 18650 Lithium-ion Samsung 5400mAh battery for extended life, the Magicshine MJ-6030 battery come with an integrated battery management system which makes it really ultra lasting performer.

So what makes the Magicshine MJ-6030 bike light battery really different and high performing?
Magicshine MJ-6030 bike light battery is the finest set of batteries for any and all riders looking for a bit more endurance from their bike light when they are out camping or trying to get back home during a pouring night. 
Yes, the Magicshine MJ-6030 battery will get you with same light output and consistency even on in rain. The Magicshine battery and its Samsung 5400mAh battery have been efficiently protected against the effects of temporary concentration of water up to good one meter. 
Besides casing for water protection, the Magicshine battery comes with a specially designed bag for the Samsung battery which protects its and keeps its safe from dust, and other hazards too. 

The protection from water and other hazards, increase the run time of the battery by up to 25 percent courtesy the Samsung battery. Normally the Magicshine MJ-6030 battery has a run time of 240-300 minutes, which is a lot more than most of the bike light batteries out there in the market. 

The Magicshine MJ-6030 battery takes 3 to 3.5 hours for one complete charge to deliver 300 minutes of uninterrupted output. The 300 Magicshine MJ-6030 battery has a total life of about 500 re-charge cycles. 
Bikelights UK provides 12 month warranty on all Magicshine items, which also includes the batteries. So, the Magicshine MJ-6030 battery too comes with one year warranty. Though, given the efficiency and ability of Magicshine batteries, you will never actually need to avail the warrantee.

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