Friday, April 26, 2013

Why ISAW A2 Action Camera is mostly used in sports

Even cameras designed and manufactured specially for sportspersons and adventure lovers malfunction within 2 or 3 months of use. Some cameras cannot just withstand the wear, tear and few others fail to perform due to frequent bouncing movements. Yet, few others have little or no modern features such as a wide camera angle, sturdy outer body, long battery life and HD recording quality. 

A camera that has got everything sportspersons could ask for!

ISAW A2, a 32 GB (maximum capacity) action camera fairs well on standard checklist of a sportsperson (swimmer, cyclist, paragliding instructor, skater or anyone else). Anyone looking to buy a camera that offers excellent image quality along with essential features including curved and flat mount, short and long connector, USB connectivity and extended recording capacity will find ISAW A2 action camera to be a perfect match. 

A camera that withstand moisture and rains 

Not all action cams that claim to be ‘waterproof’ can actually deal with moisture for a very long time. Yes, they might perform for the first few days when you wade through the rain on your bicycle or go hiking deep inside a rain forest; but they will stop working as soon as a couple of water droplets seep inside through metal or plastic body joints. ISAW A2 Action Camera has a proven waterproof capability till the depth of 50 meters, thanks to waterproof housing construction made from sturdy stainless steel and polycarbonate. That said, you’d never have to worry about over-exposure to water or moisture whether the camera is mounted on top of your head, helmet, bicycle bar handle or anywhere else! No wonder, sports people love this camera! 

Sportsperson-centric Features 

Who wouldn’t want to record HD videos and upload them on YouTube after having done something remarkable? ISAW A2 is a 1080pHD Sports camera with 3.5MP lens. Since the camera has got low-light intensity features, you can record good quality videos on the go even when the light exposure is relatively less. The camera offers a high 140 degree angle of view, thereby allowing you to get a wider coverage without having to focus on the camera when you’re swimming, playing or cycling. On top of this, the camera has ‘auto exposure’ facility and a small LCD screen along with LEDs for indicating low battery and other information make it easier to use the camera. Perfect.
Features, quality and compactness make ISAW A2 Action Camera the number one choice for all those looking for a sports camera, but it is due to the affordable price that people are really in a position to buy it. Its weigh less costly than the rest who cannot come even close to it in terms of the features and quality. 

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