Friday, April 12, 2013

6 Things You Should Know About Road Bike Light Sets

Compact, durable and high-intensity road bike lights are a must for anyone cycling on the road in dim-light conditions. Listed below are 5 important things you should know about road bike light units:
1.    What is the Power to Price Ratio?
Bicycle light sets, especially bicycle front lights should have lumen output as high as 600-1000 lumens. The light beam emitted by a Magicshine MJ-808 has the intensity of 1000 lumens. That said, you can see several meters ahead of you on the road. If you’re spending more than 200 pounds on a light unit, make it a point to choose the ones that provide an output of at least 600.

2.    How long is the warranty period?
Reputed sellers who offer bike lights in UK usually offer extended 10-12 month warranties on various components. There is, however, some exclusion, and you should read the description carefully to find out if there are any.
3.    Are there going to be any heating problems?
The best bike lights, Magicshine MJ-818 85 for example, have cooling fins. At times, you may need to use the lights for a long time at a stretch. In such cases, cheap and poorly designed road bike lights (front or rear) can give up due to overheating.
4.    How can the light unit be mounted?
Front, rear and other reflectors should be easy to mount. Magicshine mj-808, Magicshine MJ-816 and other high-end bicycle front and rear light sets have O-ring mounting mechanism. This system allows a biker to easily fit the light unit on the handle or circular bars over the tires. Also, they prevent bouncing movements, thus providing you with a steady beam. O-ring mounting, among many others, is the reason bikers love Magicshine mj-872 1600 and Magicshine MJ-868.

5.    Is it easy to use the road bike light?
Bicycle light sets should have digital or analog systems to keep you informed about the charge level. You wouldn’t like bicycle front lights to turn off at a time when you need them, would you? Magicshine bicycle lights have multi-color charge indicators that let you know about different charge levels. Red, for example, serves as a warning that the battery is running out fast. Green, on the other hand, indicates that the charge level is high.
6.    Can the light unit configured situational needs?
Bike light units, whether to be used on the front or the back side of a bike, should have different modes of working. When it’s not too dark, you won’t really need a focused beam, for example. Availability of multiple modes means that you can easily manage the battery power and choose whether you’d have a focused beam with wider reach in a straight line or a wider beam that lets you keep a check on the surrounding areas on deserted roads.

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