Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Magicshine MJ-818 Rear Bike Light Sets a New Standard in Safety

With a variety of bike lights easily available in the market, it has become easier for bikers to commute in the dark on rough and murky trails. However, not all types of bike lights from just any company can offer the desired level of safety.
In the world of bike lights, Magicshine has been a leading brand name meeting the needs of customers not only in the UK, but from around the world. Products like Magicshine MJ-818 have set new standards in safety and won the trust of commuters worldwide! 
The Magicshine MJ-818 Rear Bike Light
When riding through the dark hours, low visibility makes bikers highly prone to be hit from behind by other vehicles. Considering this, Bike Lights UK introduced Magicshine MJ-818 rear, one of the best rear bike lights ever. The light unit has been used and appreciated by countless domestic as well as international bikers. 
Magicshine MJ-818 – Product Details 
Magicshine MJ-818 is a strong, 85-lumen rear bike light unit featuring an optical reflector that magnifies its beam, spreading the light for more than 100m behind the biker. The light unit comes with handy O-ring system and is easy to mount to a bike within a minute. 
The biker can use the light in constant mode or switch between two flashing modes by turning on the magnet ring on the light-head unit. The light unit can also be taken off the bike in order to prevent theft. Magicshine MJ-818 comes with a Y-cable adapter that can power both MJ-818 rear bike light and MJ-818 front bike light unit using the same battery. 
The pack includes:

Magicshine rear light with battery lead
A 8.4V Battery
Two O rings for mounting
A battery charger
Magicshine MJ-818 – Main Features 

A highly powerful rear light unit
Multi-mode feature for complete convenience
Maximum safety at a reasonable price of just £49.94
12-month warranty 

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