Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Two Bike Lights Every Cyclist Should Have in His Kit

To make your summer biking more exciting, thrilled and safe, check out these two bike lights we mention below – with powerful beams and long lasting battery backup, they are the best lights to invest in 
    Magicshine MJ-818 85 Lumen
Magicshine MJ-818 85 Lumen is certainly the best bike light that makes riding cycle through tough terrains easier. It illuminates the roads ahead with a powerful output of 85 lumens that is equally complemented with a highly reflective optical lens. The light is by design made to provide riders with enhanced road safety up to 100m. It’s hi-tech o-ring Magicshine system becomes operative in just a few seconds, and helps in mounting the lights over the bike more securely. 
Elite features of Magicshine MJ-818 85 Lumen
The light is operational in three different setting modes that include a constant light with two other flashing options. These settings can be easily changed with simple turn of magnetic ring in the unit. Moreover, the light has an impressive power of 8.4v 4400mAh with its three battery series of 4 X 18650 Li-ion batteries, which gives an amazing run time of ten hours.
Technical specifications of Magicshine MJ-818 85 Lumen
Magicshine MJ-818 85 Lumen is equipped with 3W red LED plus 9 SMD red LEDs that has an average life span of 50,000 hours. The light weighs only about 270g including the battery, which comes with a premium type III hard anodized and anti-abrasive finish. The 8.4V 4.4AH lithium-ion battery has a recharge time of 3-3.5 hours and is strictly protected from the hazards of overcharging.
    Fluxient 3xu2 3000 Lumen
Fluxient 3xu2 3000 Lumen is the most advanced and brighter version to Fluxient bike light series that is equipped with improved LEDs that produces a brighter and stretched illuminated area by 20% percent. The improved bike light is built-in with swivel mount that is operational on four different flash modes like high, medium low and SOS.        
Elite features of Fluxient 3xu2 3000 Lumen:

Specifically designed to provide comfort for commuters travelling long distances during the dark hours, Fluxient 3xu2 3000 Lumen works on 8800mAh battery that provides an extraordinary run time of 3-10 hours. With the swivel mount, the light can be easily escalated on any kind of handle bar and thus be used with its four different functions.
Technical specifications of Fluxient 3xu2 3000 Lumen:
Every Fluxient 3xu2 3000 Lumen bike light is outfitted with 4 XML U2 LEDs that produces remarkable brightness of 3000 lumens. The Li-ion 8800mAh 7.4V battery takes about 4.5 hours to fully charge it and thereafter can be operational up to 12 hours on low mode. The bike light has a total weight of 597g including the batter with a diameter of 53mm. The light is protected from danger of thermal or heat threats with the help of a waterproof body, which is also weather proof.

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