Monday, May 5, 2014

Buy the Best Magicshine Bicycle Lights When You Get a New Bike

Bike Lights UK strives to offer top quality products to all its customers. They have a wide range of products related to bikes and accessories that the customer can choose from.  Bikers can buy best bikelights from Magicshine from their site. Magicshine bicycle lights are well known for their reliability and consistent performance.
When a customer buys a new bike, the following lights are highly recommended for him.
1. Magicshine MJ-872 Light unit
This light was tagged as one of the best sellers from Magicshine in 2012. It is small and has a compact design that suits all bikes. It is very light weight at just 112gm and offers a stunning 1600 lumens of output.  It has an anodized satin black or silver outer body and comes with the highly successful ‘o’ ring mount system. It is completely waterproof and can be used in all seasons. It has four levels of brightness and an inbuilt over heat protection system. It can be easily mounted on bars and helmets.
2. Magicshine MJ-868 Bike light Unit
This is one of Magicshine’s latest models and has a retro design with modern features. It has an output of 1000 lumens and for those of you buying a new bike, it’s brighter than the headlights of a car. It has an aluminum outer body and an optical toughened glass lens. The light switch has three settings and it is very easy to reach while riding. It can be mounted on bars and helmets with the ‘o’ mounting system and comes with two sizes of o-rings.
3. Magicshine MJ-880 Light unit
This is one of Magicshine brightest light, yet is small and very compact. It offers an output of 200 lumnes and is very safe for riding in the night. It comes with the new revolutionary V shaped mount. It can be easily mounted on both cars and helmet. For the price that is offered for it is a winner all the way. The top mounted switch is very easy to sue for controlling the brightness of the beam. It also comes with a circuit to protect it from overheating.