Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Magicshine MJ-816E 1800 Lumen Bike Light Upgraded at Just £99.95

Magicshine MJ-816E is certainly the most versatile, handy and efficient light units from Magicshine studios. From its stylish design to unmatched brightness and reliable backup, the light unit has everything a commuter can ask for.        
Renowned for their superior bike lights, Magicshine is one of the most reliable name professional cyclists bank upon. Although, all products from Magicshine are classified as quality, Magicshine MJ-816E has always been a favorite choice among cyclists. Bike Lights UK now has the upgraded version of Magicshine MJ-816E and has it up for sale at an incredible price of £99.95 only. 

Magicshine MJ-816E Light Unit 

If you thought Magicshine MJ 816 was good, you will rate this upgraded version as best. Magicshine MJ-816E is the latest addition from Magicshine’s workshop and has just gone better and brighter. Still recognized for its iconic Mickey Mouse design, the bike light gets brighter luminosity from a large center lens with orange peel reflector for a better quality of light.
Upgraded luminosity of Magicshine MJ-816E
A powerful successor of the earlier version, Magicshine MJ-816E produces a massive output of 1800 lumens and is the best in its class. The center lens is the core for this arresting light output and is brilliantly matched with two flood lights on each side. But because the center light is more intense, it is more useful for long distance travel, whereas, for short distances, shorter beam from flood lights is more preferable.
Magicshine O–Ring system 
Similar to other lighting products from Magicshine, this light unit is equipped with the signature Magicshine O-ring system. The light has two O-rings that make the bike light unit easily mountable and more efficient for usage. Besides, the O-ring system is compatible for bike handles on any size. In case, you want to change the light settings from a different angle, just place the O-ring system on your handle bar and push the button near the thumb. This is a handy option when you want to alter light beam between distances without creating too much trouble. 
Reliable Magicshine MJ-6002 Battery 
It’ is a highly advanced Magicshine MJ-6002 Battery, which provides an unbelievable power to this impressive light unit. Comprising of 4 X 18650 Li-ion batteries, the battery unit produced am output of 8.4v or day 4400mAh for a run time of almost three hours. Besides, the battery is protected in a safe bag, which protects it from water damage and makes it a mountable accessory for every bike type. 
Some technical specifications of Magicshine MJ-816E 
The upgraded Magicshine MJ-816E produces an impressive output of 1800 lumens from a Cree XM-L and 2 X Cree XP-G LEDs. These light emitting diodes have a life span of nearly 50,000 hours. Moreover, the light unit is made from 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy and has a Type 111 hard, anodized anti abrasive finish. As per need, this light unit can be used in three different working modes - All LEDs on, Middle LED on and 2 side LEDs on. 
With all such luring features, the bike light is an ideal choice for commuters who love challenging outdoors during night hours.

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