Monday, September 1, 2014

Buy Bike Lights from Our Bike Accessories Range

Braving the roads and dodging the traffic on a bicycle is tricky, especially during the dark hours. Although, there’s a pile of bike accessories available for enhanced visibility, nothing can replace the effectiveness of bike lights, both rear and front. The clocks are going back and it’s officially lights season for the bikes. If you’re in the market, looking for some efficient bike lights, you’ll come across a bewildering array of bike lights to choose from. So, what’s the best bet for your comfortable ride?

Whether to see or to be seen, buy bike lights from our bike accessories range for increased safety on roads. Find out the one that best meets your needs: 
1. Beema AS-2000 Front Bike Light | 2000 Lumens Bicycle Light
The first light to be launched by Beema, AS-2000 is a high-power light with a maximum output of 2000 Lumens over a range of 300m. The light maximizes the safety of riders with strobe settings that can be activated easily just by clicking through the settings on the button present at the back of the light.Also, the bike light operates at optimum temperature, leaving no scope for overheating and associated loss of power. AS-2000 uses the most secure and diverse form of mounting, the O-ring mounting system. 

2. Magicshine MJ-872 Lighthead + O-rings
The bestseller bike light of 2012, MJ-872 by Magicshine is a small and compact light-weight unit that weighs just 112g, but offers a huge 1600 Lumens output, which is sufficient to turn night into day. Presented in an anodized satin black/silver finish, MJ-872 is completely sealed with ‘O’ rings that makes it waterproof as well as touch wearing.

The light comes with 4 levels of brightness along with a new overheat protection system which effectively prevents the light from getting damaged. 
3. Magicshine MJ-880 LIGHT UNIT ONLY 2000 Lumens
One of the best bike lights by Magicshine, MJ-880 offers a whooping output of 200 Lumens. Adorning the new V-shaped mounting system, the light can securely be mounted on both bars and helmet, which makes it convenient for those riding off roads.

The light offers 5 types of settings ranging between 10% and 100%. The switches for the light setting are mounted on the top such that you can adjust the brightness by pressing the right switch to increase the brightness and left switch to decrease it. 
4. Magicshine MJ-818 85 Lumen Rear Bike Light
Essential for every commuter, MJ-818 rear lights offer an impressive 85 Lumen output along with an efficient reflective optical lens which serves to irradiate light up for over 100 m behind the rider. The light makes use of the much tried and tested O-ring Magicshine system for mounting which gets you going within seconds.
MJ-818 is equipped with three setting modes, where one is constant and remaining two use flash settings. You can easily change between different settings by simply turning the magnetic ring on the unit present on the light head. 

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