Tuesday, September 30, 2014

MJ-818: The Brightest Rear Bike Light of 2014

MagicShine has already created some favourites in the bike lighting market. The MJ-818, however, goes a step further, in brightening its already impressive predecessors. MagicShine has just created a light that stretches the notion of “brightest” to a limit you did not think existed before. 
MagicShine has been leading the lighting market for some time now, and the MJ-808E has become a favourite with most consumers of the market. But the company has gone a step further and produced an upgrade where one didn’t seem possible. Bike light technology is moving at a fierce pace, where there are riders who require their fair share of battery power and light backup as they paddle around mostly after sundown. MagicShine rear lights have always answered this demand, and now with the MJ-818 provided a little extra too.
Mj-818: The Brightest Light of 2014 
The MJ-818, which is already being considered the brightest rear bike light of 2014 – has a simple, yet stylish design. A silver control ring circles its frame, which can be mounted in the same manner as the front light. Rubber o-rings and plastic clips are used to affix the light to the body. There are a variety of sizes in which the o-rings are available, making the light flexible for fixing on any kind of frame. 
Features of MJ-818 
Along with the light a Y-splitter is made available to the riders to with an extendable cable to allow splitting the battery power for both the front and rear lights. Despite its deceptively small size, the MJ-818 produces lighting output that is credible to support the tag of the brightest rear bike light of 2014. 
Technological Features of MJ-818 
At the centre of the light’s unit are 3W red LEDs, surrounded by smaller SMD red LEDs which amount to a total of 9. The LEDs combined, can produce a staggering 85 lumen of output. Add to this the option of three output modes: the principal option being the constant, with two modes for blinking with the most impressive being an alternating flash of the surrounding and central LEDs. These modes can be controlled by the silver control ring built around the collection of LEDs. MagicShine rear lights have always measured their success on the basis on the clarity and luminosity of their product. In this case the combination of the 12 LEDs generates enough output to be distinctly visible from a distance.
Battery Usage 
The main LED has a concentrated throw which makes it very effective in challenging conditions as well, for example when visibility is low during the winters. The light serves all purposes and is dependable even in misty and foggy conditions. The choice of output modes allows you to alter your requirements for lighting according to the weather and the conditions.
The rear light consumes little power as compared to other lights in the segment, thereby lessening your charging hours for the light and assuring you of your visible presence even if you plan to stay out there longer than usual .The MagicShine MJ-818 aces every test in the book is only deservedly given the credentials of being the brightest rear bike light of 2014.

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