Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Accessories for Mountain Bikers – What Do You Really Need?

Mountain bikers live off the edge and push their bodies and their bikes to the limit. In this post, we will list out a handful of important accessories that you will need to keep that adrenaline pumping and the journey unending. Bikers, who have a habit of venturing into uncharted farther territories as they push their own physical limits to the extreme, require a spate of bicycle accessories to help them last the thrilling ordeal. While some bikers may not consider them as essential, it is still helpful to have along with you the following:

Hydration packs – Several companies in the market offer hydration packs. When you choose to do some serious mountain riding, it is essential you remain hydrated and therefore choose a pack that enables that. Most packs today exist in the range of 70 oz to 100 oz. For longer and tougher rides, it is suggested you carry the 100 oz model. 

Spare tubes – Consider yourself in the middle of nowhere, having to sit by the side of the track until help comes through, with a flat tyre. This situations can arise anywhere, when least expected, and an extra tube is therefore essential to keep along the journey at least to a point where the other can be taken care of. 

Levers for use – A tube is no good without the tools to carry out a stitch-up on your puncture. It is impossible to carry out a patch-up on your wheels without having the appropriate levers to assist with the mechanics. Always keep some handy. 

Mini-Pump – Once you are done with your patch-up jobs, you need to refill the tubes, and that is when you need a mini-pump. In any case, a mini-pump is essential for long journeys. 

Multi-tool – A do-it-all gadget is important as you never know when you may have to unscrew something or cut into something. 

Bike Lights – Your bike must have good quality front and rear lights. Magicshine is the leader for bicycle lights in the UK. Coming from the house of trustable brand like Magicshine, their bike light accessories are essential when your riding adventures are set to extend into the darker hours of day. Some riders take upon the challenges of riding in the night, while some may end up having to deal with it circumstantially. In any case, bike lights are a must-have. 

PowerLinks – The risks of your chain breaking out there in the open grow severe as the terrain becomes difficult. It is important that you have a couple of powerLinks handy, to be installed with the help of a multi-tool kit. So whenever your chain breaks, you don’t have to carry the cycle on your shoulders; you can just install a new powerLink to reconnect the chains. 

First-Aid Kit and Nutritional supplements - When you are cycling for hours, you will naturally lose a big chunk of calories. While the whole objective of the cycling mission may be knock off calories, the body requires a re-supply to keep the energy level going and power in your legs. It is therefore essential that you pack in nutritious food packets, fruits, energy drinks and just about everything that can help you keep going. A first-aid kit is also essential to mend any injuries or bruises that you might suffer on the trail. 

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