Monday, November 10, 2014

Best Valued Bike Accessories You Should Own

Choosing bike light accessories isn’t an easy job. You should be aware of your priorities, and therefore make the right choice as they can often be more than just an accessory. Bicycle accessories are just as important to have, as the bike itself. Here is a list of few accessories you should have:
One of the most important accessories to go with your bike is bike lights. Bike light accessories are often undervalued because they come with the adage of being an accessory, but really, they are somewhat a necessity.
For regular riders, there is no differentiating between day and night. It is therefore essential that one must have accessories that ensure the comfort and security of day travel in the night as well. Magicshine accessories for example have been a leader for bicycle accessories in UK, and are top-notch suppliers of quality lights.
Your safety is in your hands. Wearing a helmet be it on a motorbike or a comparatively slower bicycle, is a must. 
Most unfortunate bike accidents result in loss of life due to ignorance of riders. While bicycle injuries may not be so severe or fatal, they can come hauntingly close at times. A helmet, therefore, should be on the top of your to-buy lists.
Bottle holders/Mounts
You can’t stop and unzip luggage to get your water supplies out. Since you will be dehydrating quite a lot on longer trips, it is a waste of time to have to stop and then consume water.
It is therefore always better to have bottle holders mounted on the frame, where they can easily be reached and therefore utilized without blocking the rhythm of a good ride. And speaking of mounting, there a number of other things that you may want to or simply feel are required to be mounted on. For any such purposes, mounts have to be acquired so you can do it yourself.
Bike Pump/Extra tube
Flat tyres are a common occurrence, especially when you undertake tougher trails. To be left with a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere would really be inconvenient to your plans.
There is no point in having to carry your ride rather than riding it yourself. It is therefore essential that you have a bike pump with you, and at least one extra tube in case you need to change and continue with the journey.
Repair Kit
Mending any tricky situation be it a flat tyre, a problem with the chains or any other mechanical issue will be impossible to do without a repair kit. Rather than being left helpless in some place, where assistance is hard to come by, it is better to have a repair kit and do it yourself. A repair kit should be one of your top priorities.
You need security and locks everywhere. You may think that cycling in little traversed routes and trails does not endanger you with theft of any kind, but there are incidents, more than you may think. It is therefore important to have appropriate locks and other security equipment with you.
Video cameras/Computers
For enthusiasts who want to capture their rides, or just evaluate figures like, speed, distance, elevation etc, video cameras and other biking computers are an essential buy. Not only do these accessories provide valuable information they make the ride that more engaging and enjoyable.

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