Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Magicshine Helmet Mount for Magicshine Bike Lights

Magicshine bike lights are the leaders of the bike lights and related accessories in the market. The Magicshine house has now come out with a helmet mount that can help you mount any of its light units on your helmet. 

Magicshine has been for some time producing the best-in-class bike lights in the UK. Revered by its loyal customers and adopted by newcomers consistently, the brand has grown over the years. Credited for this impressive growth is the even more impressive line of products which includes front rear bike lights. The brand has grown owing to its delivery on performance and durability. For all the excellent collection of lights Magicshine regularly designs, one of key features of each unit is the flexibility with mounting options.
The frame, the handlebars or even your helmet, Magicshine lights go everywhere. But for each of these, there are a few handy accessories that a bike must have. In case you want to mount the Magicshine light on the helmet, you will need the Magicshine helmet mount.
MJ-6058 Helmet Mount
Originally the MJ-6058 was designed for the MJ-880 light only. But the people at Magicshine realized its flexibility with use and remodeled it to the MJ-6058 .The new and improved helmet mount goes along with all bike lights. A larger attachment means you have the ability to change the focus of the light beam and more options in terms of the directions you want to throw light in. You can therefore, use the light for other activities than bike riding in the night alone. The Velcro strap supporting the attachment makes it extremely easy to mount and dismount the light unit from the helmet. So, there is no wasting time in getting done the unnecessary fittings along the way.
While some people may prefer mounting lights mostly to the frame of the cycle, there are reasons why you should go for helmet mounts. Firstly, if you are going to use more than one bicycle, it is only understandable and perhaps time saving that you mount the light units to the helmet. This way you don’t have to undo the fittings on one frame and redo them on the other. Secondly, if you usually take to tougher trails, by which we mean there are more turns, leaps, and bends, you are likely to be focusing the beam in different directions pretty often and quickly. For a light unit which is mounted on the frame itself, it is quite difficult to shift focus immediately. A light mounted on the helmet makes it easier to do so and therefore is a better choice. Thirdly, for riding in higher traffic areas it is always beneficial to have the light coming in from an elevated position as it allows the oncoming traffic to have a better view of you than the frame strapped lights that get lost in the maze of automobiles.
As far as bike lights go, Magicshine champions the market, and as far as mounting the light on your helmet goes the Magicshine MJ-6058 is the ideal companion for any light you may buy.

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