Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Quick look at the very Economical iSaw A2 ACE hi-def Action Camera

In the current world scenario, action cameras have become really popular. Owing to their compact size and form factor, the action cameras are easy to use and are really handy to take along on a holiday trip or a small outing.

In addition to the size, action cameras’ weigh really light. Being lightweight the sports camera can be easily mounted on the helmet, bicycle handlebar, snowboard, skateboard, clothing etc. There are hundreds and hundreds of expansion packs and accessories that exist for these action cameras, which make these even more useful. Excitingly the cameras come with fixed, light-sensitive lens, which offer up to 170-degree viewing angle that enables them to capture everything that is happening in the foreground. The action camera market is captured majorly by GoPro cameras, but one camera that has made a mark for itself is the iSaw A2 ACE and HD camera, touting 720P waterproof action camera.

Only a newcomer in the action camera market, the iSaw A2 HD is one of the most appropriately sized sports camera. Despite its size, the camera is a great performer and really superior in terms of video quality. The camera is apt at filming 1080p Full HD videos and has a light-sensitive f/2.0 wide-angle lens with CMOS sensor that works equally well in low light conditions.

  • Captures 1080p at 30 fps, and 720p 60 fps
  • The camera can easily capture 7 photos per second
  • The camera has a 140 degree wide-angle
  • It weighs only 80 grams
  • The camera comes with a separate waterproof case
  • Has an illuminating OLED screen

Being a close competitor to the GoPro, it is interesting to pit the iSaw A2 ACE against the GoPro. Unlike the latter, iSaw A2 has a 1-inch illuminating monochrome OLED screen, which lights up so that the user can read it comfortably. Besides, the iSaw A2 is relatively cheaper in comparison with the other action cams. What makes the iSaw more exciting and worth buying is the fact that it comes with a lot of accessories including a plate for a surfboard, a headband and a steering wheel mount, which you have to purchase separately with a GoPro. Not everything is gaga about the iSaw A2 ACE, unfortunately the iSaw doesn’t come with Wi-Fi – a standard feature on most of the action cameras currently available. This means the camera cannot be controlled remotely like the GoPro.

In addition to action cameras like the GoPro and the iSaw A2; hedcams have become really popular too. One of them is hedcam 2nd generation – a cam with 135 degree recording angle, 720p recording, built-in battery for prolonged performance and 32 GB of on board storage. The hedcam comes with a lot of mounting options, which allow you to mount the device everything including helmet, motorcycle, bike, ski goggles etc. The camera is waterproof and is easily available online.

If you’re an outdoors kind of a guy, you must have an action camera handy.

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